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Got severely nerdsniped by yrabbit to dig a bit more into how Gowin ALU works. Would be pretty easy to just fuzz what the vendor supports, but if we can understand it maybe we can do crimes. It appears to function like a LUT3 and LUT2 into hard carry logic.

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This may be true of a couple of paid programs (e.g Photoshop), but I think most people don't use those. MS office is still better than Libreoffice, but many people are fine with google docs. And as a daily Linux user, I'm often surprised at the horrible state of some windows freeware.

Yesterday I installed kubuntu on a PC, and it just works. 15 min from nothing to working system. Sure, there may be issues, but Windows has those also.

I think if Linux had the installed user base Windows has, and you asked the reverse, most people would say Windows isn't ready for normal users.

I help with IT jobs at work, and about once a month I find myself cursing and wondering why anyone would pay for windows.

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I have decided to delete my YouTube account. It is done. I will set up a Peertube instance instead. Peertube is a decentralized video hosting service, and entirely Free Software:

Part of it is probably that, but some of it is just sample size I think. This is all absolute numbers, and most dutch people are vaccinated. Vaccinated receivers will look bigger because there are more of them to be infected.

I think 3d printer people also have a habit of sharing their designs. Makes me wonder if there's a demand for a "github" for e.g. woodworkers, model train enthusiasts, or car customizers

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I might also be worth mentioning that is the dutch equivalent to Craigslist. I don't know how good it is for rentals, but worth having a look.

I've been out of the market for a while, but when I was a student was a big thing. is a huge real estate website, and they also have a rental section. If you can find something through word of mouth it's likely to be better priced.

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#SCAMcamp21 announcement:

Switzerland is finally getting a Hacker Camp this year! Join us from the 10.-12. September at [location to be secured] in Switzerland!

More details to be announced!

Please DM if you want to help with planning and preparation or have some ideas.

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My thoughts on how to configure your systems to protect against the Dolos Group's excellent demonstration of sniffing TPM protected disk encryption keys:

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Um, 1) How did no one notice a drug we've been using since the 1970s is very explosive

2) How did anyone NOT think THAT drug was explosive? LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT ALL THAT NITROGEN.

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I knew most #electronics probe holders are outrageously expensive and there must be some "makeshift" versions that cost less. What I didn't expect is that all of those cheap ones are all marketed for hacking ECUs on cars. Apparently car modding is a big enough thing to give vendors an incentive to sell cheap probe holders for that. I guess they can be pretty useful for signals below 10 MHz.

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@norwin Unless he's changed the setup since, I believe it's just the iphone microphone:

My favorite is still someone that wanted a unit for 1000 kg, and came up with the kkg.

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a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

@gridhawk Eric's posts aren't actually hosted on One of the advantages of peertube is that it isn't limited to a single provider, and you can actually watch videos from other servers! If you want to keep following Eric, you should make a new account on a different server, and follow You can find a new server here:

Food, rice question 

I find that if I don't rinse it, it foams up in my rice cooker and makes a mess. I rinse it 4 or 5 times in a bowl, and it's pretty much clear at that point.
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