Mildly interesting: the top can is what I consider normal, it has the side made of one piece of metal, and the bottom is a separate piece attached afterwards. The bottom can has the bottom and side formed from a single sheet of metal. Unfortunately, this means I cant use my can opener to easily drain the beans inside.

I found this image on a companies website, and I just don't understand. Why would you put a mannequin with a lab coat and a helmet outside of a fume hood? I can't think of any reasonable explanation.

I broke the tip off a drill bit after the stores closed, so I decided to try to reshape/sharpen it. All my previous attempts have ended in failure, but somehow it worked this time!

These little spools don't fit on my sewing machine, so I made an attachment.

I'm giving that whole "repair stuff instead of throwing it away" thing a try.

International cat day! I don't want to take care of a conscious living being, but luckily the neighbours have a nice one.

My first 3d printed thing, a hanger for my hot glue gun! I should probably hang around at the fablab more.

I bought a tripod from an "internet returns" shop. The handle you turn to raise it didn't work.
Looks like the gear teeth are included, but you have to assemble them yourself 😒

I got a USB GPS receiver from ebay. It didn't do anything when plugged in (nothing on lsusb). I think this was never going to work.

The seller told me to "Just to open the USB port, turn all the cores on the right to the left.
Here is the picture to show you how to install it" .

Fun fact: different linear voltage regulators have different pin outs. Sometimes I learn things the hard way.

I like it when knitting and guns have something in common.

I never realized how much booze I have laying around until I moved and had to take it all with me

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