No flamewars intended but...

Do you think Linux can ever become a mainstream workstation OS? Yeah, yeah, I know you are all devs and dorks using w3wm and whatnot :D but I mean, like, for regular people that cannot tell bash from bush. I mean, a workstation that can compete with the You-Know-Who and get into 2-digit market share percentages rater than sitting at the very edge of the Gauss's Bell.

@xpil I don't think it can, but if it did, and that brought everything with it that makes operating systems successful (commercialisation, proprietary software), then the people that currently like Linux would look elsewhere.


This may be true of a couple of paid programs (e.g Photoshop), but I think most people don't use those. MS office is still better than Libreoffice, but many people are fine with google docs. And as a daily Linux user, I'm often surprised at the horrible state of some windows freeware.

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