No flamewars intended but...

Do you think Linux can ever become a mainstream workstation OS? Yeah, yeah, I know you are all devs and dorks using w3wm and whatnot :D but I mean, like, for regular people that cannot tell bash from bush. I mean, a workstation that can compete with the You-Know-Who and get into 2-digit market share percentages rater than sitting at the very edge of the Gauss's Bell.


Yesterday I installed kubuntu on a PC, and it just works. 15 min from nothing to working system. Sure, there may be issues, but Windows has those also.

I think if Linux had the installed user base Windows has, and you asked the reverse, most people would say Windows isn't ready for normal users.

I help with IT jobs at work, and about once a month I find myself cursing and wondering why anyone would pay for windows.

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