just created on an up-to-date #debian #testing :debian: who's #firefox 60.4.0esr :firefox: seems to have issues 🐞 :birdsite: 😜

didn't know that feature still exists in 2018!? :wat: 🤐

i suppose that's been cause by #gtk-#recordmydesktop, which obviously has problems with #i3!? 🤨

#xclock #motiontrail #isthatwindows #seemsfrozenbutisnt


I was having the same issues (i3+recordmyscreen), so I switched to another environment for screen recording. I later switched to simplescreenrecorder, which I like a lot more. Maybe SSR works with i3? I haven't tried that yet.

Thanks for the hint. Not doing much screen recording, but will give ssr a try next time :-)

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