@janne 3 for sure, I'm a bit over the size of my 2XL and it has the added bonus of no notch

@vitorm Plenty of favourites, but after having a brief look episode 11 and 113 are both great.

Anybody entering or currently in the computer software industry would seriously benefit from listening to probably my favourite podcast: Soft Skills Engineering. The non-technical skills of being an engineer often fall by the wayside, so Dave and Jamison tackle listener questions about them in a hilarious and genuinely insightful way. Check it out!


Since switching to Firefox from Chrome I've noticed significantly slower performance in Gmail, runs great for everywhere else. Seems a little suspect.

Tech support is a frustratingly mixed-bag of really rewarding experiences, and full on abuse from total strangers who don't understand that smartphones are just very pretty computers.

@naufraghi welcome! Visual Basic was my first language too, though I'm glad those days are over😅

@pperrin yeah, I do think most of it stems from the effort required. Surely there's a subreddit or something!

I'm in the process of migrating to more privacy-focused applications, does anybody have any advice on dealing with the fact that most people just don't care? Not much point in using Signal over Messenger if most of my circle aren't willing to do the same.

@vitorm my favourite is when people toggle caps lock on and off to capitalise one letter

MFW waiting for a large sum of money to reappear from the black hole that is the transfer window between banks…

@sproid just checked out the website for Bitwarden, looks pretty nice! I'll definitely keep them in mind if LastPass sours by the end of the trial.

@gudenau yeah I took a look at that option, I just like the idea of removing the need to store them on the browser at all.

@sproid I ended up going with LastPass. It's a great feature set even if I don't go on the paid plan at the end of the trial. Call me crazy, but I also kind of like that they've seen a little adversity with security vulnerabilities early, it probably gave them a good scare to be extra cautious. Or maybe I'm just naive 😅

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