I'm in the process of migrating to more privacy-focused applications, does anybody have any advice on dealing with the fact that most people just don't care? Not much point in using Signal over Messenger if most of my circle aren't willing to do the same.

@tylerscript no answers, but it will be a problem until someone gets a culture/philosophical or similar change established...

The Developer/User/Reward balance is out of kilter because single supplier takes so much of the fuss out of things for so many people.

I am quite techie but still don't have the 'privacy' stack I want. Working on VPN, U2F, PGP.

Maybe a privacy early adopters club is needed?

@pperrin yeah, I do think most of it stems from the effort required. Surely there's a subreddit or something!

It's frustrating. What I do (because I can & it doesn't bother me) is having more than one messenger app to communicate with different people. That way when people explore the alternative find at least someone (me) using it already.

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