I just started using a password manager and I have absolutely no idea why it took me this long. Even putting security benefits aside, knowing I can jump ship from a browser without dealing with migration headaches is super liberating. *cough* :chrome: *cough*

@sproid I ended up going with LastPass. It's a great feature set even if I don't go on the paid plan at the end of the trial. Call me crazy, but I also kind of like that they've seen a little adversity with security vulnerabilities early, it probably gave them a good scare to be extra cautious. Or maybe I'm just naive 😅

I tried it but didn't like the layout. By the time I was using . Now I use . It has nice features like but is . It's still maturing tho.

@sproid just checked out the website for Bitwarden, looks pretty nice! I'll definitely keep them in mind if LastPass sours by the end of the trial.

@tylerscript When I switched Firefox just imported my chrome stuff with a password.

@gudenau yeah I took a look at that option, I just like the idea of removing the need to store them on the browser at all.

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