cops whining about actually being held to the higher standards they've been bragging about being held to all this time


i hope everyone tests out just how strongly in-n-out burger believes in serving "all customers who visit"

@vortex_egg @TheGibson i mean, i would have ended up pushing a 2u rack mount "appliance" that you feed zip files to and it extracts and runs them just to get everyone to leave us alone

i call them limbo functions

@TheGibson cannot wait for the announcement that i can run serverless on my own servers!

lol this is the best thing ever "crypto refund surcharge + 10% restocking fee"

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lol @ "getting a crypto refund can be very expensive"


every time i am reminded of homeopathy all i can think of is how fucking horrible any juice concentrate tastes when you mix in a little bit too much water and that's how i know it's fucking bullshit

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