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pandemic, horse dewormer 

okay i guess to be absolutely fair they could have thought it was medicine for apples instead of medicine for horses?

pandemic, anti-vaxxers 

okay who tricked these people into doing this

florida pandemic 

you see why everyone with any sense has been concerned about reaching this point all along, when one thing starts collapsing, everything starts collapsing

virus "precautions" 

lol i still love the whole "we'll pack everyone into a cafeteria but it's okay because we put a plastic barrier in front of everyone's face" strategy

everyone knows it's illegal for the air to go around these barriers so there is no way it can possibly happen


"some people gained weight, some people lost weight, some people drank more, some people drank less, etc..."

virus, vaccine 

" entering guests self-attest that they are fully-vaccinated..."


virus, schools 

easy flowchart to let parents know if letting their kid go to school will kill everyone in the family...

wait no this flowchart won't help with that

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