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virus united airlines branded masks 

this bothers me

don't worry, i will tell you why

us medical supplies pessimistic 

so this is a chart of a fairly major medical supplier's "out of stock" inventory

we've been hovering around 300 items that are out of stock - many of these are basic items like gloves/gauze dressings/thermometers/pulseox/airway management/sanitizers

an awful lot of these are "backorder with no estimated delivery date"

and some are "due to the unprecedented demand caused by the covid-19 virus, we are unable to accept orders on these products"

we are fucked

us atlanta pol legitimacy 

this is a glimpse of what a loss of legitimacy looks like

if these are your spam scripts, they're bad and you should feel bad

if anyone wanted to read hacker news, they would be on the hacker news website, you stupid fucks

bay area, police 

this seems like a perfectly normal thing for people committed to public safety and to protecting and serving to do

uspol, police unions 

burn the god damned police unions to the fucking ground


also, in no particular order:

he has a twitter account?!?

he appears to see wholesale bullshit go down and his reaction is to whip out his phone and hit twitter call them out with a 'what the fuck'? [see pictured below]

how the fuck have i missed this?

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uspol, austin tx city special council meeting 

[Brad's brother spoke earlier in the day. its' just heartbreaking. i wouldn't be able to do it justice, i'm going to include it here. it's not easy to listen to but i think it's important]

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democrat representative from new york: "if i didn't have a primary, i wouldn't care"

bill barr: "i wish these people would all just *gestures*"

gee i wonder what this means

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