i've always wondered how people steal passwords

we should ban tweezers

@twitter notez la pince céramique, spéciale pour traverser la chaleur des firewall

@twitter is an #APT when you go buy the fancy pair of tweezers?

Advanced Pair of Tweezers

@twitter maybe that person shouldn't be using password as their password. 😂😉

@twitter burglary tools are banned so tweezers are burglary tools too.

We should ban people who use "password" as their password from using the Internet

@ratbaby @twitter smh putting plaintext password in files where they stick out like a sore thumb...

@twitter the real problem is this site allows highlighting text. If the text isn’t highlighted the tweezers don’t have enough friction to steal the password

@twitter for fuck's sake no one show this to congress

@twitter lol I’m safe because all my passwords are just 1s and 0s


... or stop using "password" as a password... it kinda sticks out...


At least the “hacker” didn’t wear a balaklava. 🙄

@twitter this is literally the way to read the wii ram. And for quite some time the only way to hack it.

@twitter I hate it when apps don't binary-encode the password


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