how do i keep my wifi from leaking outside of my building

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@twitter Tu ne peux pas, pas plus que les ondes de ta radio, ou autres

@twitter Ca en est meme inquietant, toutes ces ondes qui te traversent le corps a chaque seconde ta vie, ou que tu sois.. Le pire, concernant internet, est que tout le savoir de l'humanité traverse ton corps, et que tu n'en retienne rien.. Frustant..

@twitter the business lite version is wire mesh in the walls & roof, and there's a non-wire glass that blocks wifi. unfortunately it also blocks cell phone signals, so you need a serious cell repeater for people to dial 911 if they need to. (not those tiddlywink versions AT&T will try to give you.)
serious wifi blocking is a nested metal box with something like an airlock, and a procedure with physical security, so they know to dig you out if something bad happens while you're inside.

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