west point 

those cheating cadets need to be kicked to the curb

what the fuck is wrong with everyone

"oh well everything we've been saying about trust and honor and all that crap doesn't actually matter, go ahead and cheat"

west point 

@twitter they definitely shouldn't be in the military, they probably have a bright future ahead of them in politics.

west point 

@RandomDamage "we're going to dismiss you from the adcademy, but here's a bus ticket for washington dc"

re: west point 

@twitter an isolated honor code violation is one thing

a collaborative effort to usurp the ethos of an institution is another thing

i left the military because of issues like this

re: west point 

@twitter thinking about this some more, any time there's a group of people who collaborate in cheating, *especially at a military service academy*, to not expel them all is tacit acceptance of corruption and is not just unacceptable but *reprehensible* on the part of the adjudicators

i'm going to think some more on it, but i think i'm going to be pretty vehement about this

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