wow that axios interview was fucking brutal

trump folds like a house of cards under even the slightest questioning

it's incredibly clear from that interview that he has no idea what's going on


like trump totally did the thing from the comedy movies where the stoner character is rifling through papers trying to find the right one

*fumbles with stack of graphs and charts* here look!

"let's deep six the economy because i have no idea what i'm doing!"

also, i would like to point out trump is 0 and 2 for holding printed materials like a normal human being

i think my favorite part was this:

"there are those that say you can test too much, you do know that"

> "who says that?"

"just read the manuals, read the books"

> (baffled) "manuals?"

"read the books"

> (still baffled) "what manuals?"

"read the books"

> (still baffled) "what books?"

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