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Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world?

It was a disaster. Then we added microtransactions and in-app purchases.

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this whole internet thing is just multicast fax whats the big deal

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the artificial super-intelligence was impervious to our strongest paradoxes

yet in the end it was defeated by a harmless null byte

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@twitter ICE too, while we're at it. I want nationally televised trials of anyone who's complicit in mass family separation.

fuck the dallas police chief
they're our fucking streets and our fucking sidewalks not yours
fuck you

the only people i've seen hurt other people today were cops

tons of cops across the country just demonstrated that they should be in prison

we should demand fucking accountability for every fucking thing these crooked cops have done

police violence 

give that man who fucking laid out that san jose cop a god damn medal

police rely on lack of movement

police tactics depend on large numbers of police moving in organized and coordinated ways, usually to encircle and cut off the ability to quickly exit areas

do not let yourselves get circled, continuously move in large groups in ways that confound the police's current plan, it will take them much longer to organize a response than the time it takes for a large a crowd to organically flow

uspol, current events 

the police have indiscriminately attacked citizens

the police have indiscriminately attacked protestors

the police have indiscriminately attacked journalists

the police have indiscriminately attacked our elected representatives

fuck the police

wow lots of fucking piece of shit cops out and about

demand accountability for all of the fucked up shit they're doing right now too

to be honest, i have no sympathy for any cop anywhere right now

Reminder: the full saying is "one bad apple spoils the bushel".

cops doing their fucking best today to prove it's far more than a few of them that are bad

cops come packaged with pepper spray its like tabasco sauce if you spray it on them before cooking

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