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Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world?

It was a disaster. Then we added microtransactions and in-app purchases.

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this whole internet thing is just multicast fax whats the big deal

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the artificial super-intelligence was impervious to our strongest paradoxes

yet in the end it was defeated by a harmless null byte

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a laser level that slices through everything nearby to force it to be level

the frequency with which "real" businesses argue that it "would be an overwhelming task" to actually perform the service they claim to provide is comical

wait don't priests have special unique items to turn holy water into a +5 ranged weapon? why do they need water guns, is this allowed by the rules

ford adds murder mode to cop cars because apparently they needed help will be the arbiters of truth, since Facebook and Twitter are incapable.

Speech regulations are a dangerous tool to hand a government and have historically been used to retaliate against views government wants to suppress and to boost views it supports. This EO appears to be exactly that type of retaliation.

The First Amendment, as well as Section 230, protects the right of platforms to make editorial decisions about content they host, and those protections help support a free and informed public debate, online and in everyday life.

Although the EO purports to advance freedom of speech, it disregards the well-established First Amendment principle of editorial freedom, by which the government cannot force a publisher to speak in ways it does not want to.

That this EO appears to be the President’s personal retaliation against Twitter for marking a tweet of his for fact-checking gives us no confidence that the process created by the EO is intended or likely to produce fair results.

The draft Executive Order disregards the 1st Amendment & improperly attempts to circumvent Congress by rewriting the law that underlies much of our modern Internet. It mischaracterizes existing law to punish platforms whose ability to curate content is constitutionally protected.

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"Please wait while your spaceship downloads firmware updates."

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