IPFS at Techrights: The So-called ’Web3′ Cargo Cult, Except With Some Practical Benefits | Techrights ⚓ techrights.org/2022/08/12/prag | ♾ Gemini address: gemini://gemini.techrights.org

Links 12/08/2022: End of JingPad A1/JingOS, Russia Makes GNU/Linux Laptops | Techrights ⚓ techrights.org/2022/08/12/jing | ♾ Gemini address: gemini://gemini.techrights.org

Contribute at the Fedora Kernel 5.19 and GNOME 43 Beta test weeks • Tux Machines ⇨ tuxmachines.org/node/168284

𝘛𝘶𝘹 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘴: Google Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ tuxmachines.org/node/168283

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