It seems that the online reviews just aren't enough. Which to choose: Dell XPS 13 or MacPro 13? Looking for first hand experience. I'll need to have win10 installed for some software and also Debian.

Together with some of my mates, I've been thinking of creating a hackerspace, any advice?

Does anyone know what's Stallman take on PureOS?

Why do bitcoin miners want it to have bigger blocks (8 megabytes) and why do deves consider bigger blocks more "hackable"?

Having trouble connecting my MP4 player to my Linux mint powered laptop, any advice?

What's the best way to set up a bouncer for my iOS irc client? Do I need to get a raspberry pi to serve as one?

What's wrong with systemd?
I'm asking because of all the fuss around devuan 1.0

Does anyone know some great physics podcasts? Some that speak of the concepts as well as the history being them

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tip : Page scrolling in normal mode uses the following shortcuts

CTRL-e = go one line down
CTRL-y = go one line up

CTRL-d = go half a page down
CTRL-u = go half a page up

CTRL+f = go a full page down
CTRL+b = go a full page up

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Pi-hole got updated today to v3 and the query interface is now blazing fast It's a network wide ( as in home network or workplace ) ad blocker that runs perfectly on a and various Linux distros.

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Trying a piece of software on Github has lead me through a wild goose chase of unmentioned dependencies. Searched AUR found and installed it in 10 minutes, I really need to remember that this exists.

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does vivaldi have the spyware of chrome or am I safe to use it?

I think I'm going to get a thinkpad. The more I read about them, the more I want one

With a great instance, I barely use the FT

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tip : The ' . ' (dot) represents the current line, so say for instance you want to move the current line and 2 bellow it to the end of the file, you would type

: . , . +2m$

that's (dot)(comma)(dot) plus 2 m$

you just moved lines without even looking at the numbers. 😉

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