I think what people were looking for from @Purism services was something more like what @wehost did weho.st/services

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at @purism I did the math and the absolute cheapest I could run a Pleroma instance for myself is $5 per month. So I consider this a great deal. Question is if this would allow more than one account. For example, on Twitter, I can set up two or three different accounts for different purposes.

@blog love the potential of Hubzilla. Just needs better default settings to be more similar to apps people know. And needs better themes.

@prismo do you plan on making each tag an ActivityPub Group? Which type of actor is a tag?

@readwriteas not sure I understand the separation of writeas and readas. And if I don’t get it, non technical people definitely won’t.

I recommend just keeping one domain for writing posts and also reading them. Something like medium. Medium defaults to reading content unless you log in and decide to create a new article.

So why not have the writeas website default to reading and discovery? After you log in, it gives an option to create a new article for yourself?

@funkwhale how popular does my pod have to be before I get copyright takedown requests? Nobody listens to public commons music for enjoyment.

As someone that doesn’t know what @funkwhale is, after reading the website I still don’t know what it is.

Is it similar to an existing app? I can’t think of what need it is filling.

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at Does your installation guide apply for gdroid just the same? Or is it slightly different? Can you install gdroid without fdroid for example?

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