As someone that doesn’t know what @funkwhale is, after reading the website I still don’t know what it is.

Is it similar to an existing app? I can’t think of what need it is filling.

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@trosel Depending on your use case it can be similar to existing services yes.

If you're more a musc listener, it's similar to Spotify/Deezer/Grooveshark/Google Play music : you can upload your music library to your pod, or listen to publicly available content.

If you're a content creator (musician, podcaster...), it's similar to SoundCloud / YouTube : you can publish your content and broadcast it on the network (this is more a WIP than the first part).

@funkwhale how popular does my pod have to be before I get copyright takedown requests? Nobody listens to public commons music for enjoyment.

@trosel your pod can be completely public, or completely closed, or many things inbetween.

You could have an invitation-only pod, an open pod but only grant upload rights to specific users, and we plan to give pod owners even more control in next releases.

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