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Just tested #Plume and I liked it more than #WriteFreely:

But still, it cannot be compared to the experience of using of proprietary #Medium, #Telegraph or #Teletype.

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and I will stop using this account.
Please follow me on that new instance!

(And if your own instance does not allow you to follow me there, ask yourself if it's time to move, too…)

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Good luck being #vegan in Italy! 😂
(translation from Tuscan available on demand)

@xorowl Call it what you like. It looks like solid research.

”Traits […] most exaggerated among females […]: sensitivity, tender-mindedness, warmth, anxiety, appreciation of beauty, and openness to change. For males, […] emotional stability, assertiveness/dominance, dutifulness, conservatism, and conformity to social hierarchy and traditional structure.”

@fidel Reader comments on HN are varied and very thought-provoking, too; lots of useful parenting ideas, and wildly different perspectives/experiences:

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@tripu I read this yesterday and it definitely resonated with me now that I have a daughter, and I was thinking that I would have felt very differently if I had read it before.

“Our key takeaway is that even under the most extreme scenarios we could think of -eating is still very likely to be a net harm to both you and wider society."

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Yet another useful list of (better?) alternatives to popular software and internet services, a bit à la

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RT The password to your (or anyone’s) Nissan Leaf electric car is the VIN. Which is printed on the windscreen. #yow19

That, btw, did not mean that I'm satisfied with my ecological footprint. I'm not doing enough.
In that toot, I didn't even mention tiny decisions like recycling, using the stairs, not abusing central heating/AC, avoid throwing food away, etc — all things I more or less do, but those go without saying nowadays and shouldn't award kudos to anyone.
There's certainly a lot more I could do; eg not riding a motorbike just for fun, switching off appliances more often, buying in bulk…

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“I'm waiting for someone to, first, describe a better system than , and second, set out a realistic path for getting from here to there. When that happens, it will be worth thinking harder about the ethical flaws in capitalism. Until then, […] there is a huge amount we can all do, within the current economic system, to make the world a much better place.”

Thinking about these days, I wondered “what am I doing to help prevent ?”. I realised that my “contribution” is: not consuming much.
Of course “not much” is relative; but I usually buy less shit than my peers — people who live where I live, earn more or less the same, and lead similar lives. In particular, I've always been frugal with things like electronic devices, clothing, trendy accessories, expensive entertainment (eg, luxury dining), and the like. Also, I'm a /#vegetarian.

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