I wish I had the time these days to write a rebuttal of the latest stupidity and propaganda that is being broadcast internationally by separatists…

When interpreting and discussing what's happening in these days, don't forget to apply the usual moral decency algorithm:

This video is propaganda. But there are two clear truths about it.
First, the important one: is, objectively, a robust and healthy — #19 in the world (“full democracy”) according to both and the ADADA; #6 (“high moral freedom”) in the World Index of Moral Freedom; and “a global champion of freedom and human rights” according to the CIA.
Second, are no longer ashamed of ministers who don't speak foreign languages :)

on (and in) . A curious read for Spaniards, mostly inspiring if also sprinkled with the usual exoticism and anecdotic simplifications. Overall he paints a pleasant and optimistic picture of society and the economy — with caveats.

Timely reminder: in , women are the majority of students enrolled, and get the most degrees, in ALL areas of study — and that includes “sciences” and “health sciences” (the only exception being “engineering and architecture”).

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Using instead of in the context of discussing inclusion of girls and is ridiculous.
In in particular, 59% more women than men begin studying “arts and humanities”, and 90% more women than men get their degrees in those areas (source: INE).

77% of people in say they love , and 41% of those who by car take one hour or more to get to their jobs (Nielsen).

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: Europe and the rest of the world look in shock as the Parliament and the Senate, as well as the regional Parliament of , consistently start their sessions one hour late, at least.


Planning a work meeting a week from today, I just realised it'll be 's "National Day" ("Columbus Day" for you in America), and the irony of it, given what's happening in these days in ...

The instances of non-petty (in employment, housing, taxes, billing) I'm seeing lately in my social circle in (family, friends, acquaintances) is truly depressing.
Often, I'm tempted to report it, but that would affect people I know, or their friends.
Integrity vs. in-group loyalty.
What can one do about that?

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