According to these stats, 's fork of is now the top instance by number of users and also by statuses, and third by connections. How much of this is bots and noise?

But… come on, NYTimes — Daredevil is blind, Professor Xavier is paraplegic. In the Asian department is short and there seem to be mostly secondary characters. Then there are Deadpool and Loki…

Using instead of in the context of discussing inclusion of girls and is ridiculous.
In in particular, 59% more women than men begin studying “arts and humanities”, and 90% more women than men get their degrees in those areas (source: INE).


🤔 Hum… I guess this one won't be right.

Today begins ♂️
Contrary to popular (and politically correct) belief, the “system” is NOT one where public health, welfare policies and social norms benefit men and disadvantage women across the board — in many cases, the opposite is true.
Will it ever be non-controversial to be balanced and to distribute compassion fairly among the sexes? Here's one hoping so.

I joined 12 years ago today...
Twitter clients looked very different in 2007, and we used the service in ways that seem weird today... :twitter:

After roughly one year of charcoal and one year of watercolour, I think is going to be the technique I want to learn next.
This I started today.

Asímetrias penales según el sexo del agresor con respecto al mismo delito (del informe del Instituto Juan de Mariana «Mitos y Realidades del », publicado esta misma semana).

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