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En general, lo que dicen estos datos es que en la mayoría de las parejas españolas la mujer trabaja más tiempo dentro de casa y el hombre trabaja más tiempo fuera de casa porque AMBOS quieren que así sea.

Y cuando no es por eso, casi siempre es porque ELLA quiere que así sea.

Knowledge porn for language buffs.
“Learning is ‘a five-year lesson in humility’. […] After five years your Chinese will still be abysmal, but at least you will have thoroughly learned humility.”

on and the dichotomy between voluntary agreement and violent coercion — a nice little primer on .
“‘Protecting jobs’ is a fool’s errand.”

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If it doesn’t have an open RSS feed so you can listen in any podcast clients, it is an audio show, not a podcast.
Spotify’s officially separating podcasts and music in premium users’ libraries

Last night I had the opportunity to meet ; it was a privilege to attend his talk for Spain and to have dinner with him and a few friends afterwards

Today begins ♂️
Contrary to popular (and politically correct) belief, the “system” is NOT one where public health, welfare policies and social norms benefit men and disadvantage women across the board — in many cases, the opposite is true.
Will it ever be non-controversial to be balanced and to distribute compassion fairly among the sexes? Here's one hoping so.

“Take the latest cloud-based downtime as a reminder that much of what you experience as the internet lives in servers owned by a handful of companies.”

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@tripu @fidel I wouldn't bet on it if I were you. I assume the changes will make it into Chromium, but maybe not on some of the much-less-known forks.

So glad I use instead of , mostly (and , of course). What disgusting developments we're seeing...

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This is chilling.

And incompatible with human rights and democracy.

#SurveillanceCapitalism is the corporate infrastructure for a new, global fascism. We must dismantle it and build alternative infrastructure that protects personhood and democracy before it’s too late.

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