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Playing with a 10-note that belongs to a friend (I have it only for a few days…)

Both and are worth today slightly more than they were last 30 Nov — right before the crazy peak of Dec.

Influenciar → influir
Rigurosidad → rigor
Posicionamiento → posición
Posicionarse → pronunciarse
Temática → asunto
Problemática → problemas
Analítica → análisis
Liderato → liderazgo


Both and are worth the same today as they were last 15 Nov.

Animal advocacy misalignment.

rocks: if you mention colours in comments, issues or PRs (eg, ``), it'll append to them little <span>'s filled with those colours.

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“I think President Trump is doing just fine, particularly when one considers the sustained assault of the media, Hollywood, talk shows and, dare I say, ‘the paper of record,’ which has abandoned all pretense of objectivity to join, if not lead, ‘the resistance.’”

publishes a few letters by supporters:

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One of the things that struck me immediately after reaching the woods during my camping trips was the absence of the advertising onslaught

Every public space seems to be saturated by attention parasites that want you to spend money. No building facade is safe, especially in cities

Removing this applet for good…

“An Evening with &
Vancouver, 23 June 2018