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Have you seen 's shameful pop-up? Lots and lots of third-parties they share info with (looks like *hundreds*), and the only way to disable it all is by going one by one, through the entire lists, clicking all switches, in five different sections. No "disable all" or anything of the sort.
Time to boycott !

Happy everyone!
(The event loses a great deal of glamour when one realises in essence it's a worldwide celebration of a particular handjob… Still, it feels special to be reading right now :)

Wanna with us at the @w3c in Beijing or near Tokyo? (It's cool!) We have :

“Version 11.0 of the Standard is now available. […] Version 11.0 adds 684 , for a total of 137,374 characters. These additions include seven new , for a total of 146 scripts, as well as 145 new .”

#5% of my net earnings of last month went to the Effective Altruism Community Fund managed by

“I feel like as a quasi-, I sometimes downplay how awful private industry, , and the modern workplace are. If so, I apologize. The only possible excuse for defending such a flood of misery is what inevitably happens when people meddle with it.”

“I grudgingly forgive the misery it causes, because it’s the engine that lifts countries out of . It’s a precondition for a and prosperous society; attempts to overthrow it have so consistently led to poverty, tyranny, or genocide that we no longer believe its proponents’ earnest oaths that *this time* they’ve got it right. For right now, there’s no good alternative.”

Leer los comentarios de los lectores en las «noticias» sobre la casa de e en .es y en (por ejemplo) es un recordatorio perfecto de por qué hay que leer ambos (¡o ninguno!).
Ídem sobre las «entrevistas» a en la y en la (por ejemplo): universos distintos, pero igualmente sectarios.

Is it “wrong” to statistically like or appreciate individuals of a certain ethnicity or religion over others? I realised I might be a -semite, although I never decided to become one!

There are quite a few people of descent among the public figures that I admire or follow with interest: thinkers like , , , and ; artists like ; entertainers such as and

“When sends you an , […] it opens an app in background, and now Facebook knows where you are, the device you’re using, the last picture you’ve taken—they get everything. […] Even if a user has disabled location permission on his device, email will bypass this restriction and still provide Facebook with the user's location.”