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“In , then, one encounters […] the radical identitarian : Vehement opposition to , a rejection of objective , a dogmatic commitment to the politics of identity, the replacement of religion with an all-embracing political theory, a subtle (and at times not so subtle) hatred of groups perceived to be dominant, an inability to disagree with others in good faith, and a willingness to dismiss opponents as racists and sexists.”

Did I say two? Three! We have three at the @w3c:
We are looking for a web standards geek near Tokyo, Japan; a site manager in Beijing, China; and an expert near Nice, France.

“Who will have the power to decide what information should be disseminated? This is perhaps the most important question facing democracies in the information age. We don’t give the government the right to the ; do we want to give it the right to control how information is disseminated online?”

“False news traveled farther, faster, deeper, and more broadly than the in every category of information, sometimes by an order of magnitude, and false traveled farther, faster, deeper, and more broadly than any other type”

43 °C on the road in Southern 🇪🇸 …

Wow. I think starting today I'll use this article as ultimate proof of how biased is.
One does not need to be right-wing, against democracy, rich, nor against wealth redistribution, to notice how inaccurate, cheap, partial and angry this piece is:

is hiring “two full-time staff writers for a new vertical covering and related topics.” They will cover “subjects that have, or will have, a profound impact on the lives of millions of humans (and animals).”
I'm a bit afraid of the political spin Vox may give EA, but I think this is great news overall.

So let me see if I get it: Second Life is back, and it looks even more terrible than in the 00's?

“We will assist a few identifiable individuals in a life-threatening situation, but we ignore merely ‘statistical’ victims, even though these people are equally real and the lifesaving interventions are cheaper and safer. […] While rescuing the boys from the cave was clearly commendable, distributing bednets saves young children and adults at a dramatically reduced cost.”
— Charles Bresler and

events: if you are not paying for it, you are the product 😒

I feel increasingly awkward attending events… I don't know if it's the homogeneity of the crowd, how weird we all tend to be, the pretentious set-up, or what.

#5% of my net earnings of last month went to the Global Health and Development Fund managed by