“Conflation of material and rhetorical dominance helps explain why and so often talk past each. Liberals feel like conservatives dominate the world, because conservatives run the government half the time, and conservative-leaning groups […] have disproportionate influence over the economy. Conservatives feel like liberals dominate the world, because liberals run the media, schools, and human resources departments. In a sense, both groups are right.”


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Simone Biles hits the unprecedented triple-double on floor exercise.

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There are so many great quotable passages on this recent post that I gave up trying to pick one.
If you care about , , and , I highly recommend it to you:


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@tripu This was my connection to your original point (that synthetic tools can do "all that's real" plus all that's imaginable): I think they can't equal the results produced with real conditions, for the reasons discussed before. Better or worse, is a different matter, but I think they have non-overlapping possibilities.

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@tripu I would prefer SVG icons to icon fonts any time.

According to these stats, 's fork of is now the top instance by number of users and also by statuses, and third by connections. How much of this is bots and noise?

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What's the difference between a kleptomaniac and a literalist?

The literalist takes things literally.
The kleptomaniac takes things, literally.

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The New Zealand and El Paso killers had the same ideology, which might be called right-wing green eugenicism, or simply eco-fascism. There's a history here. aier.org/article/founding-fath

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…Besides: isn't that a model boat on a poodle in slow-mo in the trailer of , Mr ? I know it (and I will always know it). How dare you not to throw a real boat down a real waterfall! Wasn't that the equivalent of in 1982? 😏

…and I maintain that in , it is the result that counts, not the process.
Or am I supposed to enjoy more, learn more or draw more inspiration from, or pay more for a piece of art because its author was at the time battling depression, wrote it in a foreign language, painted it with their feet, suffered censorship, spent lots of money on it, or encouraged filming conditions that resulted in injuries or even casualties among the crew?

My brother kindly points me to E03, where seems to disagree with me on this:
“No, it doesn't. [CGI] doesn't create the same effect. And even the five-year-old, six-year-old viewers know it: ‘this was a digital effect’. And you will always know it.”
Well, he's just wrong. We can easily be fooled by today, and we will definitely be in the future. If the result is what matters in (as opposed to the process), good CGI is already transparent.

and are the two necessary evils I don't seem to be able to get rid of 😦

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I need a good summary on this whole + thing. What's happening?

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Someone asked my opinion of the #indieweb community last night at dinner. I said I am hot and cold on it. I both love that it exists and simultaneously find it very elitist and hypocritical. For example, I don't see any indie web thought leaders active in the fediverse even though it's exactly the kind of own-your-own-data open source alternative to commercial silos, because ... checks notes ... it's achieved some measure popularity?

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