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“So confused”
The goalpost has moved: we now have to acknowledge, and never fail to recognise, that some people are . Make sure you notice that immediately, stick a label to them and worship that label.

In case you missed it, Bill & Melinda Gates' 2018 Annual Letter is as thorough, entertaining and uplifting as the previous ones. Who would have thought, a decade ago, that I would admire and support these two as much as I do…?

“My Name is Captain Phillip Trust…”

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By watching having a difficult hour or two in the Senate once, we risk indulging in Schadenfreude, and getting satisfied with this false justice…

«Tanto les gustan las a los que cada partido ha tenido siempre la suya: la Complutense ha sido históricamente uno de los resortes de poder de IU y los viejos comunistas. Los socialistas crearon la Carlos III y, para compensar, el PP creó la Rey Juan Carlos. Y todos contentos.»

«Quien salvaguarda su [en internet] no está anteponiendo su interés personal de manera egoísta, sino que está protegiendo el bien común: la de todos y la

A veces me gustaría que la gente que me escribe desde (mucha gente) entendiese esto…

“After one of the longest bull runs in history —nine years and counting— we could be at the start of a bear . Monthly returns have been negative for the past three months.”

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There's plenty of FOSS alternatives to every service out there, we just need more people to contribute and actually make things better.

“China’s Pearl River Delta [] has overtaken to become the largest urban area in the world in both size and population.”

According to some, “a between two men is the product of market forces, but a pay gap between a man and a woman is attributable to either the market or to patriarchal oppression, depending on whom it favours. […] Today’s hashtags blame identity-group for pay differentials when perfectly logical alternative explanations are readily available.”

#5% of my net earnings of last month went, in , to the Global Health and Development Fund managed by

Yesterday I became “eleven years old” on (I joined on 31 Mar 2007). Time flies! Today I use instead…

“The state currently has to find a reason to explain why saying ‘ is gay’ is a fundamental assault on British , but admitting to being a trained member of is not. It has to explain why approaching the borders legally can lead to expulsion but breaking into the country illegally cannot.”