I was already amazed and overwhelmed By .
Then I read 125-or-so-pages-long chapter 15, “Circe” — last of part II.
It's a fascinating, impenetrable, hilarious, sadistic, crowded, irreverent, orgiastic dream. I can't imagine how one could try to translate this into a different language.


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Fascinating profile of BP Dakshayani, one of the "rocket women" of India.

"I used to get up around 5am because I had to cook for seven, eight people and it was not easy," and then she'd go to the office working on orbital dynamics and a Mars mission.

Ideología aparte, se merece un despido procedente del Congreso. Menudo capullo. Da vergüenza ajena cada vez que interviene.

Después de elpais.com/elpais/2018/06/07/e y elmundo.es/opinion/2018/02/12/ , la cordura de se empieza a escuchar en España (de la mano, otra vez, de Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo):
A Europa nos llegan tarde los problemas, y también sus soluciones.

Timely, friendly reminder for those out there who are (rightly) pissed off with :
25 GB of ✉️ using your own domain, with unlimited aliases; plus contacts, calendar, notes and 10 GB of file/web storage; with great desktop and mobile clients and push sync; and with no or — all that costs $50 (~€43) per year with . That's inexpensive freedom 🗽. I just renewed my plan.
Also, 10% off here: fastmail.com/?STKI=15011857

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Due to some reasons, I've been eating a lot of vegan food recently, and I have some observations. First, you can eat really well as a vegan. Second, the only problems with being vegan are social, not technical. (People think it's a bit odd, and animal products are everywhere.) Third, I have an increasingly uncomfortable feeling that they're probably right: that we cause harm unnecessarily by using animals. (I'm not a vegan though. But it's no longer unthinkable.)

“Berners-Lee believes will resonate with the global community of developers, hackers, and internet activists who bristle over corporate and government control of the web. ‘Developers have always had a certain amount of revolutionary spirit,’ he observes. Circumventing government spies or corporate overlords may be the initial lure of Solid, but the bigger draw will be something even more appealing to hackers: .”

“John Stuart Mill believed that in a free market of ideas, good ideas would naturally trump bad ones. But experience has shown that this won’t happen unless the marketplace is populated by those who actively seek truth and openness.”

“Unlike Marxists, do not see in terms of some Utopian telos: their respect for individuals, with their inevitable conflicts, forbids it. But unlike conservatives, whose emphasis is on stability and tradition, they strive for progress, both in material terms and in terms of character and ethics. Thus liberals have typically been reformers, agitating for social change.”


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