A technical overview about the practical pitfalls of web3 and how, at the end of the day, it's just centralization around corporate platforms, same as web2.

Up to the point that if OpenSea (an NFT marketplace) delists your NFT, most NFT software will not show it in your own wallet anymore. While the NFT might be immutably on the blockchain, everyone just uses OpenSea (or a small list of 3 other platforms) as an API anyway.

@trickster > If there’s one thing I hope we’ve learned about the world, it’s that people do not want to run their own servers.

Well maybe if their ISPs weren't denying them static IP addresses, and DNS providers weren't making them do handflips and pay money to let others call them a name, and ISPs again weren't sticking them behind full cone NAT telling them it's for their safety from the Hacker Menace, and...

@trickster ...if HTTPS wasn't deliberately designed to lock you into a mafia operation for more money, and Google wasn't secretly conspiring with centralized Internet companies to pay pennies for every dollar the rest of us spend on bandwidth, and if antivirus software wasn't flagging anything that would empower people as "This is totally a virus and will eat your babies!" and...

@trickster ...if Apple wasn't locking you out of your own devices, Amazon wasn't running predatory javascript to keep you ignorant of how to compete with them, Cloudflare wasn't DDoSing small sites then selling them spyware as DDoS protection, and there wasn't mountains of propaganda about how only socially inept males with a talent for mathematics can do anything on a computer...

@trickster Oh and if you weren't paying the entertainment industry to hire lawyers to trick the police into attacking you for stealing when you're not stealing, deluding yourself into thinking you're on the moral high ground because you paid for it, and if ISPs weren't selling us more download (consume) than upload (produce) bandwidth, then actually P2P software is pretty popular!

@cy @trickster yeppp

Also, community servers are a thing even with that. Look at fedi!

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