@trickster I feel like trickle down economics makes sense when imagining a perfect world. I don't blame its creator for being wrong.

@Lofenyy if all the rich people were as rich as most common people then trickle down would work cause they would spend the blasted money

@trickster This right here is why I thought it made sense. I thought rich people would regularly spend money, especially if they had so damn much and only so many years to live...

@Lofenyy @trickster trickle up is what actually works. Marginal propensity to consume. You give money to someone who can't already afford whatever they want, and they will spend it.

Too bad there's this perception that poor people are unworthy.

@Lofenyy @trickster a perfect world wouldn't (need to) have "trickle down" economics. because there is no perfect world in which people are poor.

Taxes are an incentive for investments, because investing reduces profits and therefore taxes.
Cutting tax rates, cuts the incentive on investment.

How did the theory, that tax cuts are helping the economy come up?

@gom @trickster that was a #neoliberalism smoke screen to maximize the profit of a few at the expense of the many without rebellion of the latter.

@trickster Surprised pikachu_face [same as it ever was]

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