A quick google search says it would take a monk about 15 months to copy the Bible, so if you could average two bibles per day with a Gutenberg press, that would be about 1.5 kilomonks.

@trickster According to the files I downloaded from, the Latin Vulgate is about 4.0 MiB. Dividing by 15 months gives about 0.85 bits per second. Let's round up to 1 bit per second for the fancy initials and so on, and define 1 monk = 1 bit copied per second.

V.22 modem: 1.2 kilomonks
Gutenberg printing press: 1.5 kilomonks
My internet connection: approx 80 megamonks up, 16 megamonks down
Copying a file from one hard disk to another: 860 megamonks
SSD: 10 gigamonks
DDR4 RAM: 140 gigamonks

@Vierkantor @trickster 4 MiB is the size of an LVM Physical Extent, so I think it's reasonable to start calling it a Bible.

@Vierkantor weirdly, this does feel right. it's about how fast you could nicely write a zero or a one, with a bit of time for inking a quill out whatever they need to do.

@trickster I get just under 1 kilomonk? am I calculating wrong?

15 monk.months/bible x 30 days/month x 2 bibles/day = 900 monks

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