phew, sure is convenient that we will know when "ai" overtakes humanity because it will obviously try to physically kill us, and not, say, manipulate us into higher profit margins for their taskmasters

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it was so cool that i spent 5 years of my university education learning what makes the human mind biased, weak and by which mechanisms these biases act and after graduation, then the only jobs worth a damn were the ones about using these weaknesses to either sell more ads, or make people behave like the government wished they did

@trickster I think it all comes down to how you define "worth a damn".

@deshipu worth in the quite literal sense of monetary worth, i did not take up any of them

@trickster Right, that's the problem, I think. Monetary worth is not a very good measure of work, especially in such a biased setup as we have right now. But other ways require considering the context, which makes things more difficult.

@velexiraptor sorry to hear it, that really really sucks, eventually i took my crappy coding skills i gained doing R and now i'm just a factory standard computer programmer; it was either that or never leave academia, for better or ill

@trickster Speaking of manipulation, I run a Mastodon fan page on fb trying to get more people to leave. Would it be ok if I took a screenshot of your toot? I will credit you + post your handle, or I can cut it out completely. Up to you. Thanks!

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