Yeah so remember those shitty "you must do arbitration before you can even think of suing us" clauses? Well, DoorDash just got like 5000 arbitration requests filed against them, and they have to cover all the arbitration costs, which amount to millions upon millions of dollars.

They tried to weasel their way out going through with them by trying to do a "class-action arbitration" which does not exist, and which their ToS explicitly stripped from their "contractors" as a right, lmao.


This happened because companies didn't write the fine print, and the law ruling arbitration requires the consumer / sole user to cover up to $250 of the arbitration fees, and the company to cover EVERYTHING ELSE.

The company will not get the money back even if the arbitration is frivolous and they win.

I meant "read the fine print" and not "write the fine print", but who are we kidding anyway, eh?

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Turns out that if you force arbitration, you can no longer use your megabux lawyers to throw out claims against you, because the court can't do shit (except for super-rare cases, which California courts, where SV is, never grants). The arbitrator has to decide it, lmao, and you can't really go to the arbitrator and say "look, I'm not paying you cause these claims are bullshit".

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Nota Bene: Patreon is now going through the same struggle sessions, coming from Owen Benjamin and his former patrons no less, lmao.

Maybe don't do this bullshit in the first place, the court is already slanted in your favour, quit while you're ahead.

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No, Patreon will not be destroyed because of like 72 filings, but hopefully it's enough to make them change their shitty, shitty ToS in this regard.

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Also, arbitrators are former judges, so if they catch you making filings for a lark, you can get squeezed back.

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