@trickster call me the bus driver because I'm about to take you to school.

DoH fails regularly with stealth srvfails for everything from client queries to blanket tlds. Search the GitHub issues for usbank.com. they mess with that tld relentlessly.

The CEO also insisted he would only censor and deplatform one domain, he's done it numerous times in the service of free speech censorship.

@nimbius this sounds more like they're incompetent than intentionally malicious

neither scihub, a research paper piracy website made by a khazakhstani self-described communist, nor gab, a pit of right wing nut jobs are blocked by them

@trickster dailystormer 8chan and chimpmania all lost their hosting. Again, when Matt prince laid the gauntlet and said he championed free speech, he categorically denied himself the ability to 86 those sites yet he did it anyway.

@nimbius even if they did, those websites getting booted is a good thing

They host :)

it isn't about good or bad things, it's the hypocricy and inconsistency. If you ran a blog with a neonazi comment, you're now looking over your shoulder to see if lord flare will allow it.

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