Just chillen in the issues page for Notepad++, having a normal one.

@bclindner So, the new version of Notepad++ is code named "Free Uyghur"

@trickster Hoooooooooooo boy

that is one way to stir up some shit with China

@trickster Not that it isn't warranted but dang they really went for it huh

@trickster Oh my God. If I was the maintainer of N++, I'd honestly move to Savannah. Screw all that garbage day after day after day.

@trickster i'm very confused as to what the sentiment behind these is

most of it seems to be people against the whole thing, saying things like "i don't want politics in my github notifications"?

@mdszy no politics, it's just called "free uyghur", like if it was called "fancy italian" :^)

@mdszy having destroyed games, the SWIDGE are now genociding the white race by injecting politics in my FOSS code editor

@trickster @mdszy Those damn swidge people, removing nipples from my hentai body pillows...

@Lofenyy @trickster @mdszy Hmm, Can't even find that brand of fabric paint ballpoint pens any more. Was >30 years ago when I learned of it.

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