@trickster avocado toast is why we're not buying houses that shitty boomers thought they could dump on us for garbage prices

@mdszy house prices are going up, but nobody can afford to buy, it's supply and demand liberal, read economics 101

@mdszy I have a master's in economy and still get dumb-arse "gottem" like these from complete meatheads


nice on the academic achievement

not nice because u obv got brainwashed by the libs and don't actually know anything like me, a proud barely-high-school-graduated who went to work in construction and has done nothing else since and forms my opinions based on how i think people who make more money than me should be treated because i'm simply a Distressed Millionaire

@mdszy I really really, really don't want to play the "unlike you PEASANTS, I'm educated", which is why I never do that, but, uhm, maybe the existence of an economics 101 may mean that it continues after that point, you know?

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

tricky teaches econ 

@trickster @mdszy So what causes such crappiness in the housing market? I've always imagined it as there being very few landlords that own everything and want to force prople to need to rent instead of buy.

@Lofenyy @trickster @mdszy if no one is homeless, you could have rented to 90% of the people, at 120% the rate. The market demands it!

@trickster oh noooooo you fucked the world and thought you could bank on your retirement having something to do with selling a garbage house for way too much money to """millennials""" watch me not give a single fucking shit

@mdszy I will live in a barrel before I drop €1mil. on some boomer mcmansion

2008: The economy blew up because people spend money they didn't have

2019: The economy is blowing up because people refuse to spend money they don't have

every economics since Martin Friedman poisoned the well decades ago: companies need to show endless profit growth or it means they're doing badly (thus requiring endlessly increasing spending from a consumer base)

Millennials: spending within their (already meager) means

economists with big brains: it's the fault of those dastardly millennials.

@radicalrobit @trickster The most over-educated and underemployed generation lives on thrift and credit in order to survive a capitalist dystopia.

Economists: Millennials are doing capitalism wrong.

@awmwrites @radicalrobit @trickster

Me: I have a hs diploma, used to be licensed in hairdressing, and made amazing strides to work through personal traumas and hospitalizations in order to realize my true calling is in the mental health field. I work in peer support and have a decent payday but it’s still not enough what with my ailing older family, my travel expenses, burnout, like... I guess I bootstrapped? It’s not working.

Economists & Boomer Fucks: Go back to your safe space, crybaby.

This just in: millennials to blame for everything, news at 11

@trickster When your "economy" desperately depends on people spending way out of control you probably fucked up somewhere down the road.

@Deiru get a third job and get another mortgage snowflake, shaking my head

@trickster Fucking millennials!!!!! Spend too much damn money on all those avocados, clothes, tvs, herbal crap and healing crystals but save so much of their money by not buying diamonds or napkins!!!

@trickster There’s a theory that capitalists are responsible for capitalism.

@trickster "Let's not pay them anything for their work."

[time passes]

"Why aren't they buying anything???"

actually engaging w/ this headline as if it were a good-faith argument, and not absolute horse-shit 

@trickster "stingy millennials"
Stingy? Yep. Those millionaire and billionaire millennials like Mark Zuckerberg killed the economy by keeping all the cash to themselves so that no one could spend any of it.

Let's go get 'em, chief.

@trickster Those stingy Millenials refusing to spend their EXORBITANT SALARIES.

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