Don't worry, I turned off all my blockers and sanitizers to get this screenshot, I'm not a masochist.

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the thing on the bottom is bc of eu regulations. which is so freaking stupid IMO

but i had worse experiences already

@kura if your website does not store cookies, it does not have to show that banner, so in a sense you're half-right

@trickster even if you store cookies for your preferences. thats kind of expected isnt it? its just third party and tracking cookies that should be abolished.

@trickster @kura wordpress natively supports a checkbox for remembering your display name and email address if you comment on a website anonymously

it's not hard to comply without an annoying banner

companies just decided that inconveniencing people who view their sites is better than actually examining the amount of data they're dumping into browsers

@kura @trickster you don't have to show the cookie banner for functional cookies, only tracking stuff

@martijnbraam @kura @trickster and even then you don't have to make it big and annoying and designed so you just agree and move on

@trickster lol imagine having content in your website, what kind of loser you are

@espectalll what? how do you plan to fill up a webbed site with *just* content?!

@trickster “Heck yes I want to get notifications, allow cookies, get daily tech news, have better grammar, get a free trial, and learn about must-have features for my next notebook! This is a dream come true! Thank you ZDNet!”

- What they pretend their customers are like

@nthaleph @trickster amazingly they actually follow the GDPR properly by letting you manage your cookies and opt out of everything.

Most websites just stick an "Agree" button in violation of the GDPR.

@trickster Wait is that what the unfiltered internet really looks like these days. 🤮​

@trickster quite amazing to read, you look at the date, you expect april 1st, but no.., august 30th...depressing...

@trickster Then they wouldn't exist, so here's hoping imagination meets reality... =)

@trickster I seriously don't get how ANYBODY can think that's a good user experience. It looks horrible and chaotic. You get a heart attack from stress before you get to the subheading.

@KasperNymand also, in proper newssite fashion, the auto-playing (I guess?) video beneath the fold is completely unrelated to the article

@trickster oh perfect! Everything is as it should be then. After all, we should not feel too engrossed by the interesting article. Depth and focus is old-school.

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