Early unit of computing power: one "kilogirl" was equivalent to a thousand hours of manual computing labor

@trickster I just finished that book! It was really well done

@firewally @trickster me too, listened to the audiobook actually. Excellent stuff!

@trickster @tulsi which book is this from?

*prepares to hide in the corner in case it’s Hidden Figures*

@trickster depicted in this 2016 film: which I watched while ironing, most likely...

@trickster assuming that they could probably calculate about 1 FLOPS (because they were smart professionals and could do a difficult add/mul in their heads very fast for a human) 1
kFLOPS = 3.6 megagirls, so a modern 1 TFLOPS GPU could be expressed as 3.6 petagirls.

@trickster @bstacey While both of these terms are demeaning, I'd still like to see the conversion factor for a millihelen (the unit of beauty needed to launch a single ship.)

@ridetheory oh, "kilogirl" is undoubtedly dehumanizing at worst and patronizing at best. The men had "man-hours". Girl's work could not possibly bear the same mark, and we can't just change the qualification of MAN-hours. Bleh.

However, it is one of those rare episodes where women's work gets recognized.

(thanks for reminding me of milihelens)


@priryo one of these days, we'll be able to redefine a "girl" in relation to one of the fundamental constants of the universe

@trickster Girls are powerful.

*is inspired and feels huge respect for those ladies.*

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