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My thing is absentmindedly opening media marked as sensitive and then being shocked that there was a reason for it being marked as sensitive.

"male the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night"

I guess that
just looks to weird now

isn't it fucked up how in programming, the (most common) statement terminator is ; and the conjoining symbol is . when in plain text it's the other way around

considering the License Zero Prosperity license for my ECS library

I had a dream that the laundry machines in my apartment had a secret panel that gave access to a contactless payment pad for paying to do laundry

Out of all the dreams I wish were real, this is pretty high up there

war nerds sucking up to Rommell while ignoring Hammerstein, who actively tried to kill Hitler and worked with the german resistance, as well as delivering some of the most life-changing observations I've ever read

hope I can get my AK47 serviced in time for the war on Christmas

Part of the announcement that the hacker gave with their recent hack of an offshore bank~ :3

(The skeleton says 'Be gay, do crimes!' in Spanish :3)


Hated because of great qualities, loved despite great faults.

mirror reality billy mays 

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