I've made a big change to my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter: it no longer posts to the (Mastodon) federated timeline. This should prevent it from gunking that up with potential spam. It is also less "discoverable" but, fuck discoverability.

As always, you can convert any RSS feed into an ActivityPub compatible account here:


I've attached a screenshot of my Mastodon lists for blogs, work stuff, and podcasts. It's kind of like Google Reader in your ActivityPub client!

it is honestly amazing how often medieval scholars will just straight up be like "Yeah so this poem is fucking garbage"

I'd erase "kibibytes" and make the SI standard use the correct definition of kB, 1024B.

I'm sure all the electrical engineers would make the charge electrons have positive instead of negative, but I don't hardware, so.

Can someone suggest cool people to follow? I'm interested in programming and music, languages German or English.

And "netzpolitik" (only German).

> WordPress supports two image editing extensions for PHP: GD and Imagick. The difference between them is that Imagick does not strip exif metadata of the image, in which PHP code can be stored.

Yeah, but how the fuck is the PHP code in the EXIF becoming executable? How many bad decisions do you have to make to get here?

> However, exploitation is still possible by crafting an image that contains crafted pixels that will be flipped in a way that results in PHP code execution once GD is done cropping the image. During our efforts to research the internal structures of PHP’s GD extension, an exploitable memory corruption flaw was discovered in libgd.

You fucking idiots...

Data should never be executable. Come on guys.
coming soon: no longer having to SSH into your server to ban someone from your instance
exciting idea for a new activitypub client

you write the JSON by hand in it

Hello, I added some new designs to my threadless store, hope you like them! 🎸✨☄️ timecowboy.threadless.com/

Here you can listen to me talk about #decentralization (and Mastodon) on Mozilla's IRL podcast:


IMO, extensions to should as a convention:
1) Define a conventional alias for the `@context`
2) Actually host a definition of their extension at the IRI value for their alias

That's it.

This preserves the intersection of the linked data world with the world of "just give me JSON". Linked data users can complain about how little of the linked data features are being used. The other side can complain when conventions are broken.

Nobody's happy but everything just works.

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