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Don't just make hypothetical people feel welcome.

Make the real people around you part of the crew.

The more blob emojos I install the more emotions I'm capable of experiencing, that's how it works
Hmm, Big Meow has not been working for a while. I'm gonna assume that's why my sense of time has been all wrong.

Update: I have regained my sense of hearing. I had to get nasal spray to clear my airways to allow my Eustachian tube to regain ambient pressure.

let's get political 

Holy shit. Landing with a cold gave me the most horrible case of aeroplane ears I ever had.

I'm gonna need to test it with a bunch of use-cases, and see if the cellar and probe-based resizing is worth it for not having to do index = (index + 1) % n every probe step.

So, I've got a hash-table whose resizing does not depend on the load factor, but on how crappy the insertion probe goes. It has a capacity of 2^n and a cellar of size n. It resizes on a probe that reaches n steps, meaning that probes never need to wrap-around.

This also means that in the worst possible case I'm always hitting the last slot and probing off the end of the table into the cellar, with the worst load factor of n / 2^n.

Yeah, the dumb-arse was me for putting the load-tracking statement in a recursive function.

> load factors higher than 1 on an open addressing hash table

Someone's either a genius or a dumb-arse.

If I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.

I never walk alone. I always have MILFs in my area. 🙏

@trickster @Dee We nail it to a tree, then when we're sure it's dead we put it in a cupboard and it suddenly comes back to life with an updated software stack and incredible new capabilities?

im gonna wrap my phone in aluminum so they can’t track me

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