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In the same vein, it's a bit of a shame that every collection type has to declare its own empty value.

Obviously, an empty list is different from an empty tree and different from an empty `Maybe` and so on.

However this feels pretty much like a polymorphic value. If you do type-directed name clarification you can call all the empty value constructors one thing as a convention and then (get this) you understand from context which one you meant, same as how mempty works, except not really polymorphic.

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time to settle this

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The unfortunate bit about the engine is that if you edit the dimensions of the map directly via the file, it gets corrupted.

This makes it really hard to edit the map via text editor, which means that I've failed my goal. The thing is though, the way I'm doing it now seems like the best way it could be done.

Maybe I could have done a multi-page CSV file, but is that really any better?

disappointing that the type signature of >>= has to be reshuffled, it would have had such nice symmetry with fmap and <*>

the one big thing i do like about oop languages is how there's so many places to stuff and bind names

functional languages feel like they have to jump through a lot of hoops and silly names to solve this

what's mappend, what's fmap, what's this hungarian notation MFC rubbish

do some type-directed function dispatch before blowing up

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it seemed strange to me that people chose to become priests until i reflected on the concept of a sermon. you get to talk about wyatever you want and a bunch of people consider it their duty to listen to you regardless of whether you do a good job. Epic

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There is a sculpture by a local artist I am very fond of and I thought I might try to recreate it. It took me more than an hour to block it in but I’m happy with this so far.

the greatest thing elixir did was adding nil to a language that didn't have it

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So there's this person who takes photographs from inside musical instruments and I want to live in the 1970s Movie Future where the interior of a Steinway piano is the Community Transport Central Hub or whatever.

the funniest thing about the orthodoxy that OOP is so good at UIs is that most places just ship Tk

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employer: labor seller. i am going into business and i require your strongest labor.

me: my strongest labor is too powerful for you employer. you can't handle my strongest labor.

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