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Nothing for or against bitcoin. But if you're really happy about Libra, you're short-sighted.

Damn, kissed my cousin on the cheek and forgot to say "no hetero".

fb, bitcon, my 2 cents (LMAO< GET IT?A)! Show more

> This tutorial requires the use of Python 2.5 or newer. No third party modules are required. Examples have been tested on both Unix and Windows XP. Examples will work on Python 3 as long as you fix all of the print statements.

Absolute savage.

A: What's the technical reason for that?
B: The technical reason is that's in the RFC.

Eris have mercy.

Another hard day at the producing new MIME types formats factory.

dev wishlist:
- labor unions
- domain guilds
- international federation of 'ware guilds

@Dee Making fedi accounts and communicating with people solely by making fedi accounts such that @mentions on my timeline create a coherent narrative.

Might screw around and spend my life savings on opening an unprofitable cafe.

Another hard day at the pretending Ethernet doesn't exist factory.

the good thing about having no subscriber.... is that i can post all the cringe i want

Damn, forgot to wish Genghis Khan a happy father's day.

If only there were some book critiquing political economy that went into painstaking detail about how much linen it takes to make a coat.

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