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what i like most about proggit is scrolling to the end of any post and finding a comment in the negatives that is basically "uhm, this isn't a programming-related post"

i'm watching this Tony Hawk's Project 8 speedrun and the runner is repeatedly doing sick tricks and accruing $25,000 hospital bills every time he fucks up and honestly this is good commentary on the united states as a whole

*about to have sex, taking out my dick*
me: content warning. my dick and balls
partner: show more

get the whole fuck ass out of here you lmfao i hate the game industry.

a lifetime membershit on y.s, retail price $6900, only now for the low low price of $420

Weather report: broken clouds
Me: see, I warned you against centralization


the DOM level 1 spec makes me want to Jeffrey Epstein myself

anyway, most us army honorifics are just the lamer version of gang tattoos, they're all like

milk drinker (1st class)
crosswalk certification course
survived noogie week

> U.S. court finds wearing unearned military medals is free speech

lmao, goddem

The thing that makes the Init Freedom campaign so laughable is that they claim to the support freedom to choose your own init system, but refuse to make systemd an option.

Goode campaign, fellas. Doing Gods work, gobless.

people are still talking about "millenials"
like, do people not realize?
if you're 40 as of today, you're technically a millenial
if you're, say, 24, as of today, you're not
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