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"shigeru miyamoto, best known as a producer on the game wii music"

as a surprise to nobody: the video is sponsored by the bill gates foundation or wtf ever

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patent application #2934875:
like patent application #3847 BUT ON A COMPUTER

Cryptocurrencies are clever, they could have done something interesting, and there are uses (albeit limited) beyond that for blockchains, but the whole thing has turned into a hypercapitalist hellscape of grifters and speculators.

please enjoy this tie that trent found in his car as he was cleaning it out for the car people to pick up (and also please enjoy my cat)

a hidden benefit of total nuclear war is the removal of timezones so who can say if it's good or bad

I've run a big text adventure for thirteen years (at one point briefly it was the biggest text adventure!) and if there's one thing I've about managing a big online community in that time that I'd choose to pass on as a warning to others, it's this: remove the people who don't like being there.

Some folks just don't like the place, or they liked it once and they don't anymore, and that's fine.

You'd think they'd just go somewhere else, and most do, but some don't, and those folks are AWFUL.

I've just tried to solve an advanced chess puzzle, and after half an hour and almost giving up, I realized I tried to solve it for the wrong color 🙈

I'm sure there's a programming metaphor hidden somewhere in here.

@trickster I have solicited the assistance of the Porcine Service...

you know what, I think the machine that's trying to turn the entirety of the universe into paperclips is making some good points

Hair is just a thing I don’t think about. It’s like gofmt or prettier for your head.

— a user on a website called hacker news

keep seeing

class ThingDoer:
def __init__
def do_thing

this is just a function, knock it off

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