Gonna be logging out of this account, catch me at @peter@peter@microswit.ch

Only had to try three time and reinstall the server once 🤦🏻‍♂️

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My local pub has a table 404

I sat down and my beer disappeared?

The irony here is that I'm on Mastodon (a social media platform) largely because I dislike social media. Mastodon is the only one I use.

I like to believe we're building something better here, but something I look around at the way people treat each other and I'm not so sure.

All I can do is try to boost/write the kind of stuff I would like to see more of on social media. Be the change you wanna see, yada yada. Fin.

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My perfect social network is one where I scream into the void and nobody else ever sees it

So I set up a pleroma instance... Works fine except it won't talk to the outside world lmao

if i "put a datacenter in the ocean" they would call it "a violation of the ocean dumping act of 1988" or something

be a responsible admin and don't leave windows open on servers, please

So the laptop I just got from eBay has a 500GB M.2 drive instead of a 500GB HDD UwU

Not a day goes by where having to use Windows on my work PC doesn't cause me immense pain

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