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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Does pressing the sleep/wake button on the iPhone XS have a slight delay (compared to earlier models) before the screen goes dark for anybody else?

conference rant 

@cale that’s a fine point you made, though. Sucks to have to use personal time for something like that.

conference rant 

@cale is this a reference to a conference in particular?

@cale yeah, that’s what I hear. I need to put it through its paces! This thing feels really nice to use too. The all-screen front plus Face ID feels magical.

Good morning. I got a new phone and it's wonderful but it's so tedious to set things up even when restoring from a backup.

Two hour meeting on a Friday afternoon/evening.

@danvpeterson yeah I have an 8 plus now so I’m tempted by the Max since I’m used to the form factor.

@danvpeterson I can’t decide on the physical size of XS I want. I’m going to wait until I can put my hands on them in the store.

@cale yeah that was one of the many things I had to write logic for in my script for my Tumblr mirror.

I'm tired of people saying that CSS is a useless skill to have. I built up my whole career around it and I'm proud of the work I've done and what I've learned. Stop minimizing this skill just because you think it's hard.

For some of us, it's a primary means to make a living.

@ashfurrow I keep killing plants. I want to have plants but I’m so bad at it.


Can a whole country get PTSD? Asking for a country.

Slowly making progress on a fun side project. I still, for some reason, only feel like working on it in the morning on my ~7 year old MacBook Air sitting at the dining room table.

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