I think this is the first time my app has applied the correct code to a roll I’ve loaded on the first try. I’m making progress! mastodon.technology/media/PkU2

Making little "reminder" tabs for the UI of my film inventory app. What other information do you need to know at a glance about the film that's loaded in a camera?

I've been enjoying using some freshly re-released Kodak film in my film inventory app.

I borrowed Inside Man from the library to take a look at the cinematography. The “flash forward” scenes look quite unique. This is what cross processed Kodak Ektachrome looks like apparently. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ektachro mastodon.technology/media/n5Nz

I find it a little disconcerting to get what looks like a personal email from someone at a service that I just signed up for. No unsubscribe link.

I built a page on my in-progress film inventory app to show at a glance how many rolls of film you have ready to process. The idea is to be able to place an order just by looking at this table.

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