I’m excited for tomorrow’s Nikon announcement even though there’s no way I’ll be getting one for a long time. I’m just happy that my favorite camera brand is trying to remain relevant.

I don't know how this compares to other full-frame mirrorless systems, but I'm buying into this hype. This system seems really cool.


@trey It’s really nice stuff. I’m happy to see Nikon innovate like this. It does surprise me, though, that the lenses are so bulky now that the body is mirrorless. That’s what I’ve always liked about the Leica M-series; small and top-performing lenses.

@bondo Well, not having autofocus eliminates a lot of complexity. :) And they're rangefinder lenses, they didn't have to invent something totally new with their digital cameras.

@bondo If I had about $10K burning a hole in my pocket, I'd be all about an M10-P and a 50mm Summicron.

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