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If you look at my emacs config commit history, it looks like a constant battle between good and evil.

This is the cursed side of my ADHD

Somebody help me I am getting sucked back into (Neo)Vim. Why is it so fast? Why is the LSP support so much more snappy? Why is Lua so gosh dang easy to learn as opposed to elisp?

All I am missing is org-mode with Neovim. Not a single plugin compares. I could cobble together Taskwarrior, Timewarrior and VimWiki with TaskWiki together and only barely cover my essentials here.

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#2603 Childhood Toys 

The rope keeps breaking, I'm covered in bruises and scrapes, and I've barely reached the end of my driveway, but I don't care--I'm determined to become the first person to commute to work by tetherball.

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Chronological and reverse chronological are basically the only algorithms I need for news feeds and social timelines. Anything beyond that is suspect.

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Tired: Clicking 500 checkboxes to import music to Tidal from Spotify

Wired: Using JavaScript in the dev console to iterate clicking checkboxes so I don't have to pay for the service to speed this up.

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I want a list of all the developer editors in a certain rolling Linux distro. You know, the IDEs of Arch.

Wordle 268 3/6


Take that, 268!

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Did a big refactor of my "Zen Garden" (Emacs Config).

I pruned nearly all init abstractions and am using only emacs built-in supported packages wherever possible. It's cut my load time in half, and my package payload from just over 100 packages to 63.

I am pleased!

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Is it me, or Activities in KDE on Arch are not working?

Have you ever wanted to have more control over when you autoload org and when you tangle your

Well now you can have it :)

Without looking at my profile, or my history, can you guess which text editor I prefer?

If anyone is wondering how to build their static website in markdown syntax, they should check out


Happy Hallmark holiday! I hope you get the affection you deserve more frequently, all year round, without social and commercial pressures to do so.

I'm noticing that so many password managers include OTP baked in. Is it just me or is this a real had idea?

So, I have an account - - I've set up Dino & Conversations as my clients, assigned my PGP key as my preferred method of encryption.

What now?

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