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Job Alert!! This fully FOSS non-profit in #Amsterdam is looking for an IT Systems Support and Development Officer!

Mama Cash is a wonderful organisation that supports women’s, girl’s, trans people's groups with funds, knowhow, and networking opportunities. They try to use as many free and opensource systems as possible.

Check out:

#jobs #job #jobalert #opensource #linux #foss

Want to take your org todos and agenda with you?

* Syncthing gets them on your phone
* Orgzly gives you notifications and read/write access to your org documents

I love this shit.

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I keep wondering what it would be like if I stuck to bindings instead of using evil-mode.

I've used Vim bindings all over the place for years, and I love them. Evil works really well in Emacs but it's not perfect. I'm also willing to bet things overall would be more consistent if a larger more disruptive package were not on board.

I've installed god-mode for now, and I'm giving it a 3rd shot.

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I've been missing my tiling WM but also enjoying . I have grabbed a couple of extensions to satisfy that old craving.

1. - Probably the best tiling manager extension. Lots of options! Simple config.

2. - Get rid of title bars and put that info into the shell bar instead.

It's the same keybind-y experience as i3, or as mouse free, but even with i3, you can't avoid a mouse with many apps anyway.

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New year, new language. I know I've yammered on about this before, but I never stuck to it.

Me, as a Web Developer, learning Rust or GoLang as my next skilling adventure.

Played with both again. As much as I get out of Go out of the box, I really think in the long run Rust will enrich my ability to write things.

Listening to has been a big eye opener. I used to think that I really understood practical consumer-level security.

The truth is, you either abstain from smart devices and software, or you're vulnerable.

I used to think Open Source was part of a golden standard for security as well. A whole community auditing code aught to be more trustworthy than xyz company, right?

Even if we stuck to the official repos for our distros, we're 1 bad update away from a 0 day.

I remember when PayPal was a nice idea, but for the most part didn't make it much easier to pay for stuff online as opposed to just qualifying for some credit card company.

Now many years later, in the midst of my family's temporary housing situation our cards got lost. PayPal has kept working by just using our accounts.

For my business and it's expenses this has been a life-saver.

The look I got from my retired programmer uncle in-law when I told him I use as my editor was worth every minute I spent configuring it.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Omicron sounds like a really bad Decepticon?

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Okay, why say "web browsers are hard to make, you need a huge budget to do so" instead of

Chrome wasn't built in a day


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I feel like its a blessing and a curse to be developing a fediverse project alone.

I'm very fortunate to have the audience I have, not many projects have this, but it can get tough.

I feel so alone sometimes, my partner doesn't get why I feel so proud sometimes, because I solved a problem or made a small improvement.

None of my family and few friends have made an effort to join Pixelfed, it makes me appreciate the fediverse even more.

Thank you ❤️

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Are you developing websites & applications for the web?

Are you a Linux or Gods forbid, Windows user?

Think about testing your applications and websites in Epiphany. It looks like "Safari" is 20% of the browser market share.

What works in Chrome may break in Safari and be a real pain in your ass.

Side note: I wish FireFox had this market share. At least WebKit is open source.

Source: (and numerous other search results)

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