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So it turns out the easiest way to defeat @protonmail's unique selling point of "Swiss Privacy Laws" is to apply enough pressure from a foreign government with their interpretation of what "probable cause" is.

I will stress that we don't really know what went down with a bunch of kids training themselves how to resist police force. Maybe something awful happened during a demonstration. We don't now.

Either way, this does not bode well for the user-friendly provider

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So yeah. Our landlords, like many others out there, are people too. People with dreams that get broken with their bones in a property market that is ever inflating and untenable.

We will adapt, but we won't be holding this against them.

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The property taxes climbed beyond what we were paying for rent in our hot market within 2 years.

For four years they've been losing savings in mortgage payments, property expenses and incidentals while we enjoyed affordable rent.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when one of them fell 2 stories from their deck while doing repairs and suffered further debilitating injury.

The only reasonable path to respite was to give up the property for 2x what they bought it for (3/)

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When our landlords originally bought our place their dream was to keep the small rental and build their retirement home on the same lot.

Our landlords are wonderful people. They've always been friendly, rarely ever raised the rent, fixed any issue we've had in less than a week. They'd fix things in even shorter order if it was critical.

Then one of them had a stroke. They had a car accident. Their entire retirement plan was de-railed by medical issues. (2/)

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In a sudden turn of events landlord has decided to sell our home. They sprung it on is last minute when the promise was to hold the rental indefinitely.

In our market here in South Vancouver Island, there will be a bidding war before our home is sold to the richest land developer for well over asking. We will most likely be evicted. We are a new family with a 5 month old infant daughter.

I'm sure some of you might consider me apologist, but I don't blame them. Hear me out (1/)

After years of being here I think I've spotted my first legit, earnest non-foss commercial account here. Either someone sees the potential of the Fediverse, or has a staffer who's really chuffed about it. Either way hello @hillcountryhonda

🎼 "Mah name's and I'm here to say, you've got one task that's due today."

🎼 "You can't just leave it, I'm gonna repeat it, even while you're still away"

:emacs: 🎵

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A shout out to @geary for being the nicest, cleanest way for me to get my mail on the desktop. Bonus for being very usable with @protonmail's bridge.

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"...# find /var/log -iname "*.log" -exec grep -rm -rf "audit", "auth", "secure", "sudo" {} \;"

submitted by emailalmighty

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@kev In the smartphone world : "Sorry, your car is now 6 months old and is not supported anymore. Please buy a new one."

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It’s bad enough that I have to wait for my computers to update. Now I have to wait for my bloody car to update too!

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Groups Update: We have successfully tested federation between :pixelfed: instances!

This week we will be adding support for other Group implementations before we release this. #pixelfed #groups

Things that were challenging for me:

1. There isn't always an RPM/Flatpak for something I want to run. Arch linux and Debian have spoiled me. It took some massaging but I got everything I wanted.

2. Divergence from standards that I'm used to caused me some trouble but also taught me some new things. Like systemd-resolved and split DNS. With innovation comes learning.

3. My battery calibration is no longer accurate, but it's coming along.

On the whole I am very, very impressed.

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It's been nearly a week in Fedora 34

Things I've enjoyed:
1) Installation was a pain free process.
2) The software center will find firmware updates I didn't know I needed and help me install them.
3) I may open and close my laptop lid or hit the suspend button many times and my system stays stable.
4) Flatpaks work so well here that I really enjoy them.
5) The community is helpful and engaging.
6) Discrete GPUs just work in Gnome after a single package install


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