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Take for instance the renown web-mode.el package.

Until I figure out tree-sitter, web-mode is the easiest catch-all for web templates and markup syntax highlighting.

It also comes with it's own opinions about white space and auto-completion.

I have settings for these things already. I don't want web-mode to impose its settings on my workflow.

Don't like it? Write your own solution.

I should really write these in my blog :/ (2/2)

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The thing I struggle with regarding emacs is that it's a programmable editor and there are so many opinionated decisions made for me.

The thing that I love about emacs is that it's a programmable editor that gives me limitless options for my own opinionated decisions.

Ironic, isn't it? I'm also slightly spoiled by things like VSCode/Sublime and to some degree Neovim, where you can just expect certain settings/defaults/behaviors every time you try to do something, or extend the editor. (1/2)

Ok why is it that some emacs modes found in packages feel the need to implement variables that do the same thing as the chosen ambient variable but also diverge from those explicitly chosen settings?

Both evil-mode and web-mode have multiple opinionated settings that I never asked for and it took me over 30 minutes to figure out:

1) What was even happening and why
2) How to set those variables to in the different ways those packages wanted them set.

I shouldn't have to do this:

PSA: This is the public Internet. This feed is by design meant for sharing information and allowing engagement.

If you don't want engagement or unwanted attention, be it positive, confused (as I often am) or even malicious, use the privacy tools you have available to vent, rant and get your feelings out.

Your trusty followers will then not be able to boost you.

It's unreasonable to expect thousands of humans to behave exactly as you want them to every time you capture their attention.

Having recently re-deleted Instagram, it's a pleasure to see how nice @pixelfed looks now. Best part it is it's not algorimically attempting to manipulate my serotonin and testosterone levels.

It's a "can I work for 5 minutes without sweating" kind of Saturday

Who has 1.5 pinkies and is re-kindling his love of Emacs? This guy.

Over a year ago @gemlog conspired to introduce me to more local people from the Fediverse. I guess he thought I needed more friends :blobcatthinksmart:

Fast forward to today: My wife, daughter and I got to meet the lovely @eldang & @nein09 and hopefully not scare them away with bad jokes and heated political discussion.

I'm both delighted and somewhat disappointed that they're not blue furballs.

You probably didn't know that I was tired and sleep deprived enough to try to enjoy TikTok over the last couple of months.

The application learned about me at an alarming rate and was able to present near-perfect content for me with very little input. It was also able to help facilitate the creation of some of the most amusing shorts I ever created.

My tenuous joy was shattered when I listened to this podcast.

Deleted. Removed.

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Welcome to the Internet!

"Inside" by Bo Burnham is peak millennial.

I heard Jeffrey Bezos tore the tissues of the ozone layer badly enough with his giant, phallus of a rocket to comment on how fragile it is and how we need to do better.

Thanks, Jeffrey.

Hello Fediverse,

It's been a while. How have you been?

I've been:

1. Very busy with work and enjoying Fatherhood
2. Getting distracted by common internet baubles.
3. Enjoying the odd mobile game here and there. My all-time favorite game is now in my pocket (EVE Online by way of EVE Echoes)
4. Enjoying a more focused career as I've accepted the chance to just do Shopify front-end for a sub-contract who is very happy to offer as much as I can take.

I've missed the true Open Fedi. I hope you are well.

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"we're going to try bring Arti to a production-quality client implementation over the next year and a half"

"Eventually, once our Rust implementation of Tor is a good replacement for our C implementation, we will stop adding new features to the C implementation, and eventually drop support for it entirely."

is being rewritten in 😀

It has a railgun mode for the cursor. Railgun!

Neovim is so fracking cool. Get the nerds to love you and they'll build cool shit for your API

Are you a big Neovim nerd? As you probably already know, neovim is moving toward using Lua under the hood for configuration and plugins.

When I discovered that Neovim now supports LSP natively, I decided it was time to overhaul my Neovim config.

So here it is: My take on configuring future Neovim.

Note that my plugin choices currently require the nightly build of Neovim (>=0.5.0)

Check out my super hip, ultra light simple display manager :P

I wrote it because both lightdm and gdm are tilting when they try to figure out my display resolution and it was driving me mad. Simplicity has won the day.

I appreciate the engagement on these polls. I decided Nextcloud/Workspaces were both overkill for now and simplified my workflow by using neither.

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Follow up poll:

If you won't use Workspaces, how much cost in computing power per month is enough to deploy a performant Nextcloud/Owncloud instance? I've tried the bottom end ($10) and self hosted on a RPi 4.

Nextcloud has no documentation to help decide on how much resources are required to have a good experience. They elude to minimums, and I've tried them and more.

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It looks like has really stepped up their enterprise offerings and have even promised to never use workspace related data for ad purposes. They've even gotten an audit or 2.

For the cost of $15 I can vastly improve the quality of my cloud service.

As a tired new parent, I'm already pretty weak these days. Google's making me weaker. My self-hosted Nextcloud is lacking. I can get it all for less than the cost of my ProtonMail pro sub.

Would you consider using Workspaces?

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