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I regret to inform you that there is no war.

There is only Vim and the fact that we Emacs users don't care about whether or not you like it. :emacs:

As I've gotten "Geeky with Guix" I've taken a shine to @abcdw. He's probably one of the more public facing Guix users, as well as a contributor upstream.

When posed the question "Do I choose Nix or Guix" his advice is neither. Too bad I was already influenced by his work and started setting up Guix.

Thanks Andrew!

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How long has that piece of cheese been in my beard!?

Have you never wanted to know which theme I use?

It's my own, of course! Still don't care? Here's the link:

Apparently 70+ people have already tried it on Melpa. Neat!

Don't mind me, I'm just refactoring my Emacs theme the power user way

As much as I like all of home-brew "god-mode" set up with multiple cursors is pretty fast.


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Meow has:

1. An easy to follow abstraction model for keybinds.
2. Four modes for interacting with buffers (Normal, Insert, Motion, Beacon)
3. A special command mode called "Keypad", which does a really good job de-chording your keybinds so you can enter your commands quickly.
4. "Multi-Cursor" editing with macros using that before-mentioned "beacon-mode"

I have a great set-up with god-mode so far, but Meow can replace 4 packages. I hate (but love) having so much choice in Emacs.

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I've been playing around a lot with modal editing in .

Yeah yeah, Evil is great - but Evil is an emulation layer that tries to take over your Emacs. I consistently run into conflicts with opinionated defaults that aren't "Evil".

I want a setup that respects, and ideally gels well with the Emacs defaults & philosophy.

Meow is the best all-in-one solution I have found so far.


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I had only ever known stack overflow as a website until I started experimenting with recursion in Scheme.

I know exactly how I did it, and am not even mad. Just impressed at how quickly Guile could gobble up 13Gb with strings "(about this size)"

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We are teaming up with the design agency @oakstudios to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!

Have you ever wanted a browser powered by Common Lisp (sbcl)?

Well, look no further than Nyxt!

GNU Guile is so cool. Have you ever wanted to compile your petty shell scripts into c-level machine code? No? Well, why not?

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Nothing spells father's day like your kid pooping in the tub during a family phone call and hearing your wife's cries for help while on said call. Swoop in and scoop that poop!

Happy father's day

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@algernon one of the greatest things among the #guix ecosystem is the fact that you need no more Scheme to get started than what i can teach you right in this toot.

(fun arg arg)

there's parens. zero or more arguments get applied to a function.

guix is written with great care to understandable code. and since it's the same language everywhere (cron, service and package mgmt, etc) you can get cleaner, more powerful stuff with less effort and confusion :)

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