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I am so close to making Guix productive. I just need my stupid Ruby gems to work with native bindings.

This is suppported, but different.

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@brion “It’s over, Anakin! I have the high RLIMIT_NPROC!” “You underestimate my CAP_SYS_ADMIN!”

I am currently exploring the GNU Guix System.

So far most of the things that I have seen people criticize Guix for can indeed just be configured properly.

The starting-point for Guix is pretty bare. Only slightly more than something like Arch as you start with a basic DE. Lots of things aren't installed/configured.

I am having a lot of fun learning and applying Lispy concepts.

I am also feeling the burn from compiling non-gnu packages, however. A full hour for a usable, modern Firefox.

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I feel like monads in GoLang as "gonads" is a missed opportunity. :awesome:

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Have you ever wanted to know how to convert a pet's age into human years using ? No? Well, here it is anyway.

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boost for coverage please thanks

My favorite client request is the one that tells me how long it should take for me to do something that they could not figure out how to do themselves.

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"I love you in my home, my heart and my Emacs." :emacs:

I solicited a small business via email to see if they could help me. They got me started via email, then asked me to message them via Discord if I wanted to keep going.

Great, more motivation to resent Discord.

Someone asked me if I was religious today. My response was "Yes, well kinda. Most of my gods are dead assholes".

Ten points if you can figure out what that means.

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