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Of course the Sumas First Nation knew better than to trust settler hubris to keep the lake bed dry, and of course they knew where to build to be safe from what just happened:

But I am relieved to learn that that they were allowed to. There’s plenty of reservations that were forced onto the most flood and/or landslide prone land around. At least when everything else was taken from this Nation they didn’t get that piled on top. One small consolation.

Here's some Chapman's ice cream that we enjoyed in celebration of their new company wide Vaccination policy. :awesome:

My dudes @jupitersignal lay the smack down on "Web 3" and even give yours truly a little call out.

Love these guys, made my day.

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2 months ago I discovered I had stage 2 hypertension due to my ADHD meds and obesity. Since then I've changed how I ate, walked an hour a day and lost 32lbs.

My dog is happier, I'm sleeping better and I'm feeling good

Split mechanical keyboards!

Are you using one? What are your thoughts? Also, are you using it on GNU/Linux?

I used to take a much harder position on free (as in freedom) & open source software. Rigid to the point of fighting uphill most of the time with family, clients and with my own software sometimes.

I am still a passionate and support of FOSS but now remember to breathe and focus on the most important priorities. For the sake of my health and my family's prosperity.

I look forward to a day when I work entirely in FOSS. That's the dream :) I wouldn't have to worry as much about compromise.

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The Wet'suwet'en, with the help of Haudenosaunee reinforcements, are now enforcing their trespass laws and forcing Coastal Gas Link crews away from Wedzin Kwa.

Although the video ends with a call to come and join them, it's not a good idea for everyone to. You have to be sure you won't be a burden in harsh conditions, and settlers need to know how not to white saviour (I heard some shiiiit from the Dakota Access fight). But anyone can donate:

I'm feeling a little smitten by System76. Their love of Rust is inspiring and their tenacity in delivering premium, FOSS hardware and software is awesome.

It's expensive, but I'm pretty sure the next time I need new hardware, I'm going through them.

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"Haiku OS has some useful functions that other OSs could really borrow!"

submitted by Architector4

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I've put this on #reddit and it goes viral with 25k likes. #mastodon thank me later, my inbox has 500 questions about #fediverse and co.

Some help would be nice.


I'm so glad I decided to refactor my configuration and give the program another try.

There are so many things about it that I absolutely enjoy and I enjoy them well enough avoid the common software pick.

Emacs is now my task organizer, work time tracker, email client, IDE & git client.

Yes, there are easier choices for all of these things, many of which objectively work better. This setup works just right for me.

Finished setting up Emacs with mu4e for both my Protonmail and my subcontractor Gmail account.

I love it.

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Theeere we go...if you use the script provided by WhiteSur instead of just assuming what's on Gnome-Look is all there is, you can make it awesome.

@frank @ayushsharma22 @adamsdesk

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Tried at least 12 Gnome 40 themes this evening. Hated them all. Adwaita-Dark it is I guess.

I've been on Fedora 34 :fedora: for nearly 2 months now with Gnome and have no substantial issues. I'm starting to look back at Arch :archlinux: as an estranged friend that I do miss but can't make the effort to get back to.

Linux is such a cool place to be with so many working options now

's ems SaaS seems really nice. The bridging power of Element seems super, duper impressive.

Could this be the way I can finally lay all of these proprietary/pseudo-proprietary apps on my devices to rest? Why aren't there more conversations about this? I've searched many ways, I can't find a solid review anywhere.

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