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After years of being here I think I've spotted my first legit, earnest non-foss commercial account here. Either someone sees the potential of the Fediverse, or has a staffer who's really chuffed about it. Either way hello @hillcountryhonda

🎼 "Mah name's and I'm here to say, you've got one task that's due today."

🎼 "You can't just leave it, I'm gonna repeat it, even while you're still away"

:emacs: 🎵

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A shout out to @geary for being the nicest, cleanest way for me to get my mail on the desktop. Bonus for being very usable with @protonmail's bridge.

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"...# find /var/log -iname "*.log" -exec grep -rm -rf "audit", "auth", "secure", "sudo" {} \;"

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@kev In the smartphone world : "Sorry, your car is now 6 months old and is not supported anymore. Please buy a new one."

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It’s bad enough that I have to wait for my computers to update. Now I have to wait for my bloody car to update too!

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Groups Update: We have successfully tested federation between :pixelfed: instances!

This week we will be adding support for other Group implementations before we release this. #pixelfed #groups

Things that were challenging for me:

1. There isn't always an RPM/Flatpak for something I want to run. Arch linux and Debian have spoiled me. It took some massaging but I got everything I wanted.

2. Divergence from standards that I'm used to caused me some trouble but also taught me some new things. Like systemd-resolved and split DNS. With innovation comes learning.

3. My battery calibration is no longer accurate, but it's coming along.

On the whole I am very, very impressed.

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It's been nearly a week in Fedora 34

Things I've enjoyed:
1) Installation was a pain free process.
2) The software center will find firmware updates I didn't know I needed and help me install them.
3) I may open and close my laptop lid or hit the suspend button many times and my system stays stable.
4) Flatpaks work so well here that I really enjoy them.
5) The community is helpful and engaging.
6) Discrete GPUs just work in Gnome after a single package install


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Ok, update on this. I had installed OpenSUSE and it went really well but something about it didn't click. Mostly Gnome not being a first class DE. I didn't enjoy YaST, or the ruby 2.7 dependency. Zypper was ok.

Fedora got some love here so I quickly pivoted to 34 and I gotta say it's come a long way with my hardware. This may be a great fit once I massage out some DNS challenges with systemd-resolve that are minor.

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Maintenance and format time. What's it gonna be?

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We're very excited to announce that along with our comrades at @antimidia we're currently in production for a feature-length documentary about #Facebook, the cybernetic nightmare that it has unleashed upon the world... and what we can do about it.

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