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I’ve known for a while that my next phone wasn’t going to be an iPhone. Probably a Pixel with GrapheneOS or CalyxOS.
After 3 years of use, this iPhone still works tremendously well. No lag, good battery life, excellent performance.

I knew apple wasn’t trustworthy but at least they weren’t google. But with the latest revelations I wish I could dump my iPhone and get a Pixel to flash it… >

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I am intentionally annoying my family by over-pronouncing the ‘T’ in “Costco”

Cool, I learned a ton about emacs lisp while writing my first package ever to extend a feature in 'org.

Crap, it wasn't until the end of my debugging that I realized through a traceback that the feature I wrote already existed.

I still finished the package for the exercise :/

Yes this is the privacy echo chamber. Yes, I'm still going to post this here as well as everywhere else.

If you use an iOS device of any kind please be aware of this. Not because you do bad things, or that anyone should condone bad things.

It's because it only takes figuring out the back door to exploit it, or a shift in demand/pressure to abuse it.

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I wish this channel existed over two years ago when I first tried

Odysee, if that's your thing:

Also, just want to remind people that @yisraeldov also has a very helpful series on the subject:$/list/20a4fe5f8ca2

Also @jupitersignal is amazing. Checkout - it's a good unfiltered podcast for a morning walk.

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Which leaves me in a position I have not been in for quite some time.

Do I rice my install? Install Arch with a clean slate? Or do I dare try something else?

Last time I tried Fedora and it did not make me happy.

I heard recently on Linux Unplugged that OpenSUSE Leap/Tumbleweed are two of the most underrated distros.

I'm reading that Tumbleweed in particular has started to earn the respect and even capture the hearts of other Arch users for its reliability/stability.

Do you have an opinion on SUSE?

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My beloved work machine has had a well maintained Arch installation for years now.

Despite my most recent maintenance efforts, it's dogging a bit. It's 6 years old now and I've only replaced the battery in the machine so far.

Last night's memtest went well. Next will be hard drive testing and and coolant re-pasting for the GPU/CPU.

If things don't seem a little better I may have to give the old drive a solid format and reinstall. (1/2)

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Hot take about FOSS 

@cadadr @cwebber Yea, I think people insisting on newcomers jumping through hoops for ideological purity is inappropriate. I don't recommend Debian to people just starting out because it has weird defaults like this.

I don't think this standard of purity should be a concern for people starting out, it's just not an accurate reflection of the world we live in

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Take for instance the renown web-mode.el package.

Until I figure out tree-sitter, web-mode is the easiest catch-all for web templates and markup syntax highlighting.

It also comes with it's own opinions about white space and auto-completion.

I have settings for these things already. I don't want web-mode to impose its settings on my workflow.

Don't like it? Write your own solution.

I should really write these in my blog :/ (2/2)

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The thing I struggle with regarding emacs is that it's a programmable editor and there are so many opinionated decisions made for me.

The thing that I love about emacs is that it's a programmable editor that gives me limitless options for my own opinionated decisions.

Ironic, isn't it? I'm also slightly spoiled by things like VSCode/Sublime and to some degree Neovim, where you can just expect certain settings/defaults/behaviors every time you try to do something, or extend the editor. (1/2)

Ok why is it that some emacs modes found in packages feel the need to implement variables that do the same thing as the chosen ambient variable but also diverge from those explicitly chosen settings?

Both evil-mode and web-mode have multiple opinionated settings that I never asked for and it took me over 30 minutes to figure out:

1) What was even happening and why
2) How to set those variables to in the different ways those packages wanted them set.

I shouldn't have to do this:

PSA: This is the public Internet. This feed is by design meant for sharing information and allowing engagement.

If you don't want engagement or unwanted attention, be it positive, confused (as I often am) or even malicious, use the privacy tools you have available to vent, rant and get your feelings out.

Your trusty followers will then not be able to boost you.

It's unreasonable to expect thousands of humans to behave exactly as you want them to every time you capture their attention.

Having recently re-deleted Instagram, it's a pleasure to see how nice @pixelfed looks now. Best part it is it's not algorimically attempting to manipulate my serotonin and testosterone levels.

It's a "can I work for 5 minutes without sweating" kind of Saturday

Who has 1.5 pinkies and is re-kindling his love of Emacs? This guy.

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