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Yes it's , no it's not a large number of downloads, but I'm super stoked to see my plugin is getting some use.

I have many versions of bundled projects and modules installed all over the place. Sometimes it can be hard to remember which revision of your software went where, so I wrote my first plugin ever - Log Version.

I've taken for a spin since they released ST4. I have got to say I am impressed. My enthusiasm for sublime hails back to a time before I was so concerned about using open source software.

Now that it competes with VSCode in a real way, I'm contemplating maybe twisting my arm and updating my license. Both ST4 and Sublime Merge are great tools so far.

What are your thoughts?

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“How Apple screwed Facebook - Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data”


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Profanity, Web rant 

"To view this content please install our app and try visiting this link again"


Fuck you. Fuck every last one of you.

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My daughter: Loves her pacifier so much she can't get enough of it

Also my daughter: Launches it as far as she can and gets furious about it being gone

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So this still sucks. Up all night from air-raid sirens and explosions. This afternoon during one of the attacks shrapnel fell 50 m from our home. Kids are currently playing in our neighbors bomb-shelter.

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You may have noticed some sites that immediately redirect you to another page or site if you have JS disabled, prompting you to enable it

This is done with a <meta> refresh inside <noscript>

This #DarkPattern can be circumvented in uMatrix by turning off "Spoof <noscript> tags"

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Linux isn't magic.

It's more like sudo science.

If you're near Jordan and being bombed right now, what's happening is terrible. I hope you and your families find shelter and safety.

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Another barrage of rockets. Was almost non-stop for about an hour.
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Red Alert [11/05/2021]:

Ashkelon Southern Industrial Zone, Zikim, Nitzan, Giv'at Ko'ah, Achiezer, Beit Dagan, Yagel, Kfar Chabad, Mishmar HaShiva, Tzafria, Ashdod - Gimmel, Vav, Zain, Ashkelon, Nitzanim

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@Gargron there's been a gold rush on the ETH chain to mint shitty doge/elon-themed ERC20 meme tokens and boost them via Twitter spam. Probably the worst one I've seen so far is

I have been prescribed glasses. It's official, I am turning into an old man

I find it amusing that blocks trackers and cross site scripts from nearly every website that advertises with them

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