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On this note, the breaking point was the display freezing/breaking app views on KDE's multi-monitor setup. If anyone knows anything about this, let me know.

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You will not get a lot of the conveniences that come with if you use instead, but nothing actually manages windows across multiple monitors better than this cursed tiling window manager.

I can't get away from it. I'd rather give up the KDE conveniences.

A very useful tutorial series that simplifies in .

Forgot all about it. A second watch through makes me appreciate this more.

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Two incredible scientists and their universe expanding work! ❤️💪#WomenInSTEM

Who's in the know with breaking very old iphones? I have 2 iPhone 4s and very little understanding of what I can do with them.

Ideal would be to strip these things down to just "feature phones" and remove all bloatware.

Checkra1n looks promising but it doesn't support iphone 4.

3uTools seems to be a catch all that only works on Windows/Mac :/

Officially joined the "too cool for one monitor" club.

I'm very much enjoying this.

I'm also enjoying the new ergonomic keyboard.

It's not a mechanical keyboard, but it's an improvement.

Now I can monitor the much more closely :floppy:

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A reminder to all creative people:

If the RIAA's recent actions have reminded us of anything, it's that you cannot guarantee you have a copy of any of your work unless you have backups of it on your own system.

The 'cloud' is someone else's computer, and there is ample evidence that the someone else who owns that computer does not care at all about the hours of passion you've poured into things you make.

Act accordingly.

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ah yes, the usual steam vs gog thing
consider: supremacy

I'm going as the youtube-dl github repo for Halloween

You need to do a loop to set up event listeners across any number of common elements across a page.

As a , how would you go about doing it?

Writing a simple function to return Array.forLoop() seems like one way to do it. However, for...of and or even a traditional for loop is 90% more efficient/speedy on the interpreter. Not even sure about a recursive function in terms of performance.

I'm 100% sure I'm over-thinking it though.

Ahhh, with much googling and struggle, a Matrix savior arrives and points out the module config to avoid this problem is 'esnext' not 'commonjs'

Big save. I was about to give up for the day for sure, and possibly on typing JS altogether.

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Looks like and ts-loader may not tree-shake properly with webpack. I unpacked 3 icons from @fortawesome/pro-regular-svg-icons into a side project that I'm working on and it bloated my bundle to nearly 3Mb and broke the max call stack in the browser.

Wow. Trying to make JavaScript better is proving to be a challenge :)

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A little tip for those using 3.0. I'd suggest installing the beta version of the devtools browser plugin.

The amount of time I have just wasted trying to figure out why my project wasn't being detected 😂

This course also 100% dealt with hyperscript & virtual-dom, so it wasn't really good for some more real-world scenarios (such as manipulating existing, static DOM structures).

I've written some nitty gritty code in my time where I'm looping over multiple arrays of elements to add event listeners and whatnot.

If anyone has a good approach to this I'd love to see it.

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Finished my course, which was really just a "how to use Ramda" course.

I really feel like `pipe` or `compose` are the only function that you need from a functional programming library.

Instead of following the instructors lead, I avoided Ramda and forced myself to understand the underlying functional concepts.

Also, I used TypeScript because I'm a masochist.

Feel free to share feedback:

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I've just noticed this detail in a Doom Ethernal trailer. I wonder if anyone can read this...
#Gaming #DoomEthernal

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A reminder: Apple does not end-to-end encrypt iCloud data. Apple routinely provides iCloud data to the FBI. Apple encourages you to sync your iMessage store to iCloud, where it is not end-to-end encrypted.

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